I think if the next version of the game has FOX3, it will greatly damage the game's air combat environment

If FOX3 appears in the next version, the game’s air combat environment will be even worse
I have a few points here
the performance of the early AIM120 is not much different from that of AIM7, which can be roughly regarded as a FOX3 AIM7 If R77 and AIM 120 appear in the game together, AIM 120 will lose to R77 and increase the so-called “balance” of gaijin
The overload capability of the R77 is superior to the overload capability of the earlier AIM 120 and its speed does not appear to be different from the speed of the AIM 7. In my opinion, AIM120 is just an AIM7 that can automatically attack enemies
Therefore, AIM120 may not be as fast as R27ER, so there is a high probability that it will become a scene of change and will not bring much change
Now, the general mobility and radar of the Soviet aircraft is not as good as that of the American aircraft, but the missile is better than the American missile, which in my opinion is a delicate balance
The appearance of Fox3 may upset this delicate balance, because aircraft radar is no longer important, because Fox3 will find enemies on its own
Of course, if aircart’s BR doesn’t change, then F4S and MiG 23ml and BR11. 3, so planes will face FOX3 originally, the second generation fighter was deadly against the third generation fighter, especially the F16

This is my point. If there is any problem, please point out that I use machine translation because my English is not so good

I cant wait for 25G AIM-120s vs 40G R-77s cause russian propaganda sites are primary sources


AIM-120 is not just an updated AIM-7. It features a lower mass, more powerful motor, higher pull (35g), better acceleration, lower drag, better range, and a better top speed (Mach 4). It’s similar to the R-77 overall and dramatically outperforms it at low altitude and/or speed.

We’re starting to reach the time period in Russia aviation and munitions where they lacked the funds to continue to develop in order to remain on par with everyone else.

R-77s will be competitive when they first drop, absolutely. You will find however as more and more stuff is added, nations like US, China, Euros and so on will have more advanced armaments and planes.

Calling it now, Gaijin won’t implement Fox 3s until there’s a Russian plane capable of firing R-77-1s, and the AIM 120C. That way they can keep ‘parity’ among the two biggest trees in the game. The other option is fantasy bullshit where Russian planes from before 2015 carry R-77s.

The missile has been operation since the 1990s. Russian Federation lacked the funds to adopt it into service until recently (comparatively speaking)

Gaijin add vehicles and weapons based on capability, not time of adoption by an organisation.

So they get an Indian jet in their tech tree then? By your logic, the Yak-141 would carry R-73s.

What where did he say that

‘Based on capability’. The 141’s pylons were capable of carrying R-73s afaik. So if Gaijin implements vehicles ‘based on capability’ the 141 would have them. No, Gaijin implements vehicles based on what suits them to fill niches in trees, and then fix them to be historical based on how hard the community screeches at them.

That is true like the SAAF Gripen with a loadout it never had

Based on the capability of the individual air frames and armaments. Technically the MiG-23MLD could mount R-73s that but capability is too advanced for that BR bracket.

Exacly, Gaijin implements vehicles based on their desire to fill trees and roles, rather than historical accuracy.

It is a game after all, has to be fun above all other priorities otherwise no one will play it. Gaijin’s approach to provisioning armaments is at least somewhat historical; they won’t give munitions to vehicles that never had the capability to use them.

My issue is when they withhold stuff like the R-73 on MiG-29 9.12/13s and kept the Python 3 in dev land until it’s inclusion on the live server where it was almost DoA.

‘they won’t give munitions to vehicles that never had the capability to use them.’
They do that all the time tho. The F-16C is a recent example; it never had provisions to fire the AIM-7. IPM1s were out of service by the time M900 was a thing. The MBT - 2000 never fired DTC10-125. The list goes on. Again, Gaijin does this to suit their own needs, regardless of a historical context. They pick and choose to suit their whims, and is in no way historical at the moment.

The American F-16C Block 50/52 didn’t, but other block 50/52s in other nations did. I can’t comment on ground vehicles as that not my domain so I will take your word for it.