I think I have finnally reached my Limit

First I’d like to say that I absolutely love the game. I have seen it as a worthile endevor. But now as I have gotten to higher BR’s there is little no no teamwork, I’ll never understand how teams can fold in less then 2 minutes. The Squadrons I have worked with die out in a few weeks, so once again nobody to work with. You can get away with being solo in lower BR’s but whats the point if this is simply a WWII game then. I’m not claiming to be the best player, but I do my part when working in a group. Problem is no groups seem to last in this game anymore.


When the game is operated by a company that cares not for gameplay and only for money, you’re left with the nightmare that you experience at higher BRs.

A bunch of modern things thrown into a WW2 game with zero consideration for balance.


I nearly packed in today. When i seen all my team on 1 CAP from the same spawn, 9 die to 1 guy in enemy team, about 5 ODL.

You can put glitter on a turd but you cant polish it

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Stop caring about winning, care about how well you do. That’s all


Thays why in higher brs the point is not to win but to get kills and scores

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Well, such a company doesn’t control this game.
War Thunder has never been a WW2 game either.

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Im slowly getting my group to work and sometimes it works out or others become salty

Better to focus less on killing and occasionally purposely do assists.

I haven’t played since the object 252 announcement and the BR changes to France.

Reap what they sow.

Who does?

what have they done now

A company ran by men.
Programmers whose desire is to program the most realistic game they can.
There are flaws of course, 10 years of development will cause flaws. 10 years ago we didn’t have 4 core CPUs as commonplace. The best GPU was barely able to run 1600x900 resolution.
The engine of course is from a few years ago, Dagor 6.
However, the AI, a codebase this game relies on to function the way it does and the way players want it to evolve into, is from 2012.
The AI needs to update for gamemodes to both be expanded and easier to program.

So yeah, War Thunder is flawed and needs improved; Everyone agrees, especially the devs.
Improvement takes time.

Yeah it’s annoying, slowly I’ve stopped trying to win like is possible at every other BR, and now have started to focus on only trying to kill others.

Bruh… it started as a WW2 game with Gaijin stating they would not be adding modern vehicles. Until they did for an April fools event and after that all bets were off.

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No, War Thunder started out as a war game, with its aircraft going into the 1950s [2013] and within a year into the 1960s.
War Thunder was in “beta” until December 2016.
So by Gaijin’s rationale, December 2016 update was their intended release of the game, which went well into the 1970s if not 1980s.

Let me put this into basic words of English.
When they say they won’t means they won’t at the time. English is not their main language meaning they will struggle to properly rely the information.

Didn’t it get released in 2012? or was that the closed alpha?

That was closed beta yeah.

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Thank you for the history lesson, I was in the actual beta. Those planes that went into the 1950’s? Tiny percentage. It was also marketed as a WW2 and slightly post-WW2 game at the time. And if we look at ground forces, that definitely was first placed as a WW2 game mode.


(yeah, I went there)

Back in the day, they categorically stated they were not going to add cold war vehicles; and while they’re free to change their minds, acting like WT was never a WW2/lightly post-war game is bullshit. Actually it’s best described by a Dutch word: mierenneuken - literal translation: ant fucking.

Marketing changes depending on the content.
Marketing isn’t a plan for the game.

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Logical fallacy.

You really are a member of Densa aren’t you?