I think hstvl should be 11.7 with buffed apfsds

it should

Bro Night vision is like from 8.3 in hstvl even bmp 2 has better night vision and optic than hstv L


11.3 is already kinda too high for it, and its ammo is shit

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Ya trolling? It was already struggle at 10.7 cuz it has crap shell pen, crap post pen, long reload and only 24 rounds. Crappy 1st gen thermal, no armor, (The slopped armor is a joke), sure, it has amazing gun depression but that’s the only redeeming feature that it has. The 75mm round that it uses supposed to have on par penetration and damage like the M774. And also, it’s also supposed to have VT shells, but gaijin said f it

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What kind of situation makes this poor guy hate HSTVL…