I still think Warthunder will suck even after the "Roadmap" completion

So a lot of things have been implemented in the Roadmap, however they are also dancing around a lot of the actual needed changes - but I really feel like it hasn’t changed anything.
They increased rewards but - really I still feel like they are too low and unless they REALLLY decrease RP and purchase costs with the Roadmap I don’t think its going to get any better.

One of the core problems of this game is the blatant horrible monetization. I played world of tanks - almost to to pro circuit level for a long time. And while that game has problems and I have no longer played it in many years I look back on it now and realize how much of a better job they did.

The costs of everything is insane I mean even crews - an expert tier crew is going to cost you 1.2M. Why? And it takes a long time to get a crew to those stats if you arent griding a prem with a prem account. Then if you want ACE well you gotta pay up or grind a lot more. World of tanks it didnt take that long to get a new crew to 100% and starting getting your first perk. When transferring between tanks and moving them up it also didn’t take very long to get them back up to that level - and it also cost nothing purchase wise to do it. Crew skills are important and war thunder - especially in aircraft the bonus you get from having a maxxed out ace crew on g tolerance can mean life or death.

Researching stuff on vehicles sucks too - yeah hey take this vehicle into top tier with only HEAT rounds. Oh youre fighting only vehicles with ERA? Good luck, unless you wanna pay up.
Oh that vehicle has smoke launchers on it already? Better research the smoke grenades - or pay up.
I mean FINALLY on aircraft at least you have flares but a lot of aircraft dont get their missiles to start still. World of tanks you would research a new turret or gun etc, like on the IS series a fully upgraded one would become and IS-2. You could easily get by with the 100mm until you got the 122. AND BEST PART IS IF YOU PURCHASED THAT GUN AT SOMEONE POINT YOU WOULD HAVE IT IN YOUR DEPOT AND NOT HAVE TO BUY IT AGAIN OR RESEARCH IT AGAIN. Warthunder needs to do this, seriously. If I have researched and purchased for instance Matra Magic 1’s I should not have to research and purchase them again on another aircraft that uses them. Or same goes for tank ammo.

Gamemode wise we still haven’t seen anything new. They keep stuffing this game full of vehicles but - its still the same boring gamemodes. ARB has bigger maps which has been a little nicer and ground got smaller maps which they took away all the flanking routes and sniping spots but yet still have poor map design.

Its a grindfest and always will be unless they make REAL significant change - and so far I don’t feel like there’s been enough of it. And stuff thats supposed to come is getting sidestepped.


They sure do have time to make plenty of premiums though…

As long as people allow Gaijin to continually distract us from game improvements with shiny new toys, the game will never improve.

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I was sceptical of the roadmap at first, but I have to say on the contrary, that I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far (and kind of annoyed that it took such a player mobilisation for them to turn things around so fast… they could have done it at any time). You say nothing has changed, but I disagree. As one example, the decompression has meant that playing 6.7 in ground RB feels completely different now.

Well, the roadmap does include more foldering of vehicles. We’ll see what that amounts to.

I’ve never played World Of Tanks, so please do not take my question as sarcastic, it’s genuine. Wasn’t World Of Tanks at the centre of a not-dissimilar controversy over such things as “premium ammo” and other premium consumables? I’ve read a bunch of references to this in WT reddit threads but without context, it just left me with the impression that several players feel Wargaming’s monetisation is way more aggressive than Gaijin’s.

WT had become way too grindy when the fan mobilisation happened, but I think you’re overdoing the pudding a little here to be honest. If you’ve taken your crew to Expert in a vehicle, that likely means you’ve fully spaded it and are ready to move on. If your focus is the grind - which seems to be the case - you don’t really need to ace every vehicle, or even many vehicles, do you? Just the ones that are presumably your goal and that you’re going to be using a lot after reaching them.

I don’t really grind since I only play Germany, ground, pretty much every BR between 1.0 and 7.7. I mostly play because I like the challenge of trying to get good at the vehicles, trying to properly learn them and maximise their potential. And it takes far fewer games to ace the crews, than it takes for me to feel like I’m even just reliably okay at a vehicle. So, I don’t mind if it takes X matches to get to Ace. I was already planning on playing X+100 anyway.

Yes, fully agreed, some of this stuff is really infuriating. It’s good that we got them to budge on repairs and FPE. A similar plight is shared by vehicles that have terrible stock rounds.

I don’t mind the concept of modifications as a way to regulate/slow down progression, but even a stock vehicle should at least be competitive.

Probably the area of the game that is in the direst need of some love after this roadmap is done, imho.

Which is imho one of the roots of the issues globally faced by the game. Resources and manpower are being used to constantly churn out new machines, while old issues, bug reports, and balance problems constantly accumulate because they’re not addressed and continually postponed. And of course, each new vehicle generates new reports, new balance problems, more complexity for the system.

At this point I have sort of become an accelerationist. I hope they quickly get through every modern, top tier vehicle that is left to add, because when the race to present-day is over, and the only vehicles left to add are the overlooked designs from past decades, the game will maybe have a chance to see some of its structural problems addressed.

Which compounds some of the issues. There’s really no point having such a great breadth and depth of vehicles, if half of them are unsuited to the ever-tightening maps and the mobility-focused objectives of our game modes.

Let’s see how much better it gets with the roadmap, but I will say that I find it a bit strange how much importance so many players place on the grind. At least for ground RB and SB (which is what I have experienced, up to as I said 7.7 more or less), the game is fun anywhere, and many vehicles are interesting to play.

So far, they’ve been very consistent with the roadmap. It makes me quite optimistic.

Yes a long time ago consumables and ammo were “paid only” and it was pay to win.
However quite a long time ago they actually changed it and you could simply buy the better ammo with in game currency (it was more expensive but in a way it also kept you from just loading a full setup of them and saved them from when you needed it). They also reduxed it again where they reduced the costs and made the “prem” ammo do less damage at the bonus of more pen.
They did get in trouble for nerfing some premium tanks and had to offer a full refund for them or an exchange to another tank. However after that they pretty much just made premium tanks always good. Never super powerful - but on par with the entire match. Camos used to be paid for too but at some point they actually changed that too and made it purchasable. If you also got better in a game you could play in Clan Wars and you would actually earn premium currency and vehicles you could use.

I just stopped playing because the esports environment was so toxic it turned me away.

It benefits russian tanks because they can get in and brawl, but tanks that perform well at range have to make do with whatever map they are stuck in.

We also need a redux for large caliber HEAT/HESH rounds. If I hit someone with a 165mm HESH they should NOT EXIST.

I gained over 10 mil SL over the course of this event.
If anyone thinks that’s low boy oh boy.

Horrible monetization? It’s subscription & vehicles, that’s really it.
& now the subscription ends repair costs, which is a nice permanent bonus even after people complete the game’s grind.

Ground’s smaller maps are the oldest in the game. Ground’s largest maps are all the newst maps in the game.

Not only all of this, but Gaijin’s ultimate goal is world war. Air, sea, and ground all going on at once.
Game modes come, PVE helis is new. There’s an AI overhaul in the works.
Game development progresses.

i dont think gaijin has declared such a mode as their goal yet.

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They haven’t talked about it much since 2014, but it comes up once every few years.
Their AI overhaul development is part of that.

I really like the compensation when automatic repair and replenishment is chosen. This makes playing much, much better. There is less frustration when something goes wrong. I think this is one of the most underrated changes of the roadmap.


10 mil goes quick if you have to buy a bunch of top tier vehicles and crews.

I netted 6 mil cause I researched 4 aircraft.

Yes, it is true, the economy if you are premium has improved remarkably. Likewise , improving the economy , cutting maps , putting areas in red on the maps and everything we have done on the roadmap is very good , but from my point of view the most serious problem that the game has remains unresolved .

The world war with the approach that they have is destined to die, or they radically change the game mode or it will not work, if there is something that this game has, it is that when you enter a battle in one way or another it entertains you, you lose the notion of the time, but in the world war…you get bored, it has no future.
If you then add that every time they have opened the beta, they have had problems of one kind or another, it kind of doesn’t encourage the players, if on top of that you give a vehicle to the squadron commanders and the next time you open it you only give lion bonuses or experience, it doesn’t help, all that in 5 years of development? 5 years of development and I think I remember that it was already raised in the closed beta in 2012, as I said…it doesn’t encourage anything.

Game modes are cheap, getting the systems for said game modes are expensive.
AI overhaul is expensive, and is required for some game mode changes.
Me waiting patiently for heli PVE improvements.



I agree, it’s not me you have to convince, I’ve been waiting for the world war for 10 years, I started playing this game with the idea that one day I could play with everything at once. Likewise , I also agree that if in 5 or more years they have not achieved a proper world war it is because they either do not invest or have no interest , it is that simple .
Players like me are a minority, today’s players don’t get complicated, they try the game, if they like it and it attracts them they continue, if they get bored between battle and battle or enter into battle and have to wait 5 minutes to see the enemy they will leave to play something else, it’s that easy.


Is there a dev team committed to map/mission development? Because SimEC has been horribly neglected…

We need proper tasks for the high tier jets.

TBH, what I really tank WOT is their BR system, at least the tires all the same on both sides of the game (although there may be problems of pro players all in 1 team). I have not play WOT too much after 0.9.7, so if I got it wrong, pls point out.


If you choose the auto ammunition replenishment and auto repair i.e., select to pay SL automatically to repair and for ammunition, if you play a match where you would wind up losing SL, then you are credited the difference up to zero SL. So if you take out a plane like the F-4C which is now 14K SL and are shot down early in the match so that you would lose 14K SL, if you had chosen auto repair and auto ammo replenishment, then you would be credited 14K SL and not lose anything. This allows you to play an expensive vehicle multiple times without going bankrupt.

Can’t wait to see the World War on mini maps that top tier ground gets.

Meanwhile there are countless Exclusive/Removed vehicles that could be brought back with much less resources needed to do so and that can be used elsewhere.