I pm GM and nobody cares

Lmao i got a ban for funny nick and they forced me to buy a nickname change for 2.49 EUR.
I bought it, i sent PM to GM and nobody cares even they was online while ago…

Its funny how they behave to paying customer :DD

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First name changes were free a while back, but the funniness you chose obviously wasn’t as funny as you thought it was.

Just bare in mind about timezones, and being patient in waiting for a reply.


I PM one of them it was day ago.

Maybe 1 hour ago i PM other three and still nothing. :D
I just follow instructions what THEY gave me.

And sure it was funny but not exactly with rules. :DD but okay i changed it back so…

Yea, just keep an eye on your inbox and broaden to some others. Be sure to start from the normal GMs, then to the seniors if you still don’t have luck.

only few gms actualy cares to read the forums, I recommend you to pm schindibee, is is the best.