I need tips badly for playing 5.7 Germany

So, with me grinding through Rank 5, I have made a lineup of the Panther A, Panther G, Tiger H1, Waffebtrãger, and Ostwind 2 to help with that. There is just one problem.

I suck with the Panthers and Waffen. The Tiger is pretty straight forward. Angle and you are pretty much invulnerable. However, due to a lack of longe range maps, I feel as if the Panther is useless.

Every single time I get into a fight, they always punch right through my turret check like it’s nothing, pretty much completely killing me. Yet the Panthers are considered “op” by many and they deserve to go up.

The Waffen’s Long 88 is great but the amount of times I’ve just been royally screwed because I kill one guy and he brings a fully loaded P47 and starves me is ridiculous. Even if I set up a sniping position in it, somehow there is that one guy who even if I am pretty much invisible behind the terrain will always stop and shoot me without trouble.

I just feel like the Panthers are useless especially when most maps are CQC and the maps that are long range, you get totally screwed over by HEAT FS slinger and still the turret cheeks being so goddamn weak.

get the kpz and tiger IIp at 6.3.
Play the tiger II in a donwtier otherwise the kpz.
You also need CAS in your lineup, so get at least a bf109 with a 250 bomb.

Modify your lineup to meet your preferences. Instead of other vehicles, bring 2 Tigers. Sacrifice Waffen or Ostwind 2. Tiger E is an improvement over Tiger H because it removes the only weakspot on your turret and allows better angling. If you aren’t bringing 2 Tigers, ditch the H and add E to your lineup.

Keep the Panthers, you will get used to them. You can replace G with D, G is better armored but D is slightly more mobile. However don’t bring all three Panthers. As they are all the same vehicle class, spawn costs will be too high for the third one. Stay at long range, you don’t need a long range map to do that. Certain nations have bad optics and they won’t be able to aim for your turret cheeks at long range, even 700 m is enough in some cases. If you need to advance, do so by flanking. You have top speed to reach good positions as Panther. Find a position that overlooks the capture point or an enemy route to capture point. If you are forced into a short range engagement, slightly angle your turret while reloading like in the Maus. If you keep looking at your enemies directly, they will easily shoot your cheeks. It won’t save you every time but there is no point making it easier for your enemy.

Waffenträger is risky. As you said it is very weak to strafing aircraft of any kind. I spawn open top vehicles first or never. Replace it with Tiger E or Pz IV/70, it uses a gun identical to Panthers and doesn’t have the weakness of dying by a hit to your mantlet.

I think I’ll probably end up replacing the Waffen. The Ostwind is such an insane SPAA for me. It in fact is how I make most of my RP.

I would love to rock 2 Tiger’s in my lineup because it is the only tank I have a positive KD in. However, that would mean putting 40k rp into that when I could just put that into my BMP then have a small 7.3 lineup.

There is one slight correction I will make. The Waffen carrie’s the 88 Pak43 cannon, the same one as the Tiger 2’s. One of the few ways I can deal with jumbos as volumetric on their MG port has screwed me over more than a few times.

Also, with the Panthers and staying at long range, it is slightly annoying, You get less activity time meaning you make less rp. I really am not enjoying this lineup too much and would prefer to make as much rp as possible to make a small 7.3 lineup and then grind with that. (Marder A1- has been the most fun tank I have ever played at that br along with the Leopard 1.)

Sorry about the ambiguous sentence, I was talking about Pz IV/70 when I was comparing it to Panthers in terms of armament. They have identical guns and Waffen as you said uses a long 88.

Not researching Tiger E makes sense and yes, it is better for that research to go to something else. However the planned battle rating changes will affect your 7.3 lineup. Leopard 1 and BMP both are going up in br, Leopard to 8.0 br and BMP to 7.7 br. Marder is staying at the same br for now. So plan ahead for what you will do when br changes happen.

I didn’t realize you are researching rank 5 with 5.3 lineup (rank 3), aren’t you getting a huge penalty for that? It sounds like you aren’t having fun so I suggest you abandon this lineup in favor of Leopard if you want to quickly research vehicles. Even if you spawn only with Leopard and Marder, it is better with some of the 10% bonus you get from researching the next tank.

Also, I agree. Leopard 7.3 lineup is fun and it is a talisman worthy tank. I researched rank 5 with it. I would suggest you this lineup but I can’t guarantee anything due to br changes I mentioned.

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I’m using the Panther A, G, and Ostwind 2 which turns my lineup into a Rank 4 meaning it can effectively research Rank 5.

I saw the changes for my 7:3 lineup: It seems I’ll just have to slightly change my plans on what I use. I can still make it work however it is going to be a tiny bit harder.

I just bought the Marder and combined with the Leopard, it is super fun. Marder missiles are… inconsistent to say the last however it is funnily enough the best SPAA at its br. The helicopters never saw it coming when I tear them to shreds with my 20mm.

I do have to say, the Leopard and Marder are taking time to get used to. Even 6:0 is nothing like 7.3 and using stuff like ATGM’s has been weird.

However, these tanks actually having a reverse gear over 8 kmh boosts my enjoyment of this immensely.

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