I need help with Top Toer Air RB

So, I have had the F14 since it released, but something always made me not want to play. It was the fact that I have no idea how to play top tier. Top tier feels completely alien to any gamenode in this game and with me getting close to the F16, I need to ask a few questions.

  1. How do I distinguish spikes from radar missiles to spikes from people just locking me. Literally once I get off the runway I’m already getting locked up and it’s so frustrating to not know if you are getting locked and a SARH missile is being sent your way or if someone is just locking you with your radar. I’ll be flying around the map to the side notching and i’m still getting radar pinged and radar spiked. It’s really annoying and keeps off putting me from top tier.

  2. Some of these planes I straight up can’t notch like the Mirage 2000. I will have them engage me and then they fire a missile. I notch and drop flares and chaff to make sure it isn’t a Magic 2 as well and yet it still hits me even if they are dead on my 3 o clock. I feel like I’m missing something.

I feel frustrated match after match because no matter what I do i feel like I’m just hopelessly throwing myself at the enemy expecting results. Taking off and constantly getting radar spikes has to be the most annoying thing in existence and I don’t know what to do. I want t on get good at this as I love planes like the F16 and Mig 23 but cannot play them as I lose too much SL from my lack of knowledge. Is this area of Air just stupidly unbalanced or is it a bad skill issue on my part?

Hey bud forget that last game was with you lol I got gaijuned… But tips for top tier in general is stay EXTREMELY low like within tree level if possible this alone will dodge 90% of SARH missiles without even notching obviously flare and chaff to be safe from IR . When you notching and being hit its because he switched from PD to normal
Radar sometimes chaff will save you but make sure your getting lower than him as well to break the lock. Try out that with F-14 A I get many sparrow kills from side when guys assume they safe from PD and will just defeat missle u can switch while locked in Tomcat too a rare feature in WT. Gl o7

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oh and radar spikes annoying just have to learn when you threatned and dont be afraid to just notch and hit deck so he bothers others or saves you from unseen Pheonix drops

Did you watch any guide regarding your topic? DEFYN makes good guides on YT.

I just searched it but the only thing I found was him destroying new Mig 23 MF players at top tier. Could you perhaps link me one of these guides?