I need help with better tactics

I’ve been playing for a while and i have top tier in usa air and ground along with dabbling with other nations. With lower tiers im able to get kills and i know how to basically use the tanks im using and playing against. With higher tiers im having just a horrible time especially with USA tanks. I have a full line up with soviet tanks at br10, it does get a little frustrating but i tend to do ok, but with usa tanks i seem to just be cannon fodder and maybe get 1 kill every 10 matches.

Ive tried to be aggressive and go toward caps and flank that just gets me killed fast. I try to be more passive and ambush or protect an cap point and i ether get no kills all match or i just get killed just not as fast as being aggressive. I’m also constantly getting my barrel shot out every match. I just dont know how to play top tier usa at this point. can anyone give me advice?

*** please no trolls im so very tired of dealing with them***

First thing I have to ask is how can you be top tier and not have any clue how to play the game?

Play more cautiously. 2nd line, it sounds like you’ve chosen 1st or 3rd line, but haven’t tried 2nd line.
BRs are there, but the standard rules of tanks remain.

Don’t be seen.
If seen don’t get shot at.
If shot at don’t get hit.
If hit don’t get penned.

Map positioning is identical at every BR.

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at what point did i say that i have no clue on how to play the game? If you cant read, and cant put anything worth wild in the post why respond? Just to be a jerk? to have a feeling of superiority? Just to try and make someone feel worse?

Like i said, i need help with the tactics in top tier for usa, as i dont have the same issues playing the soviet top tier as i do with the american top tier.

I find myself just getting flaked when being more cautious. Maybe its just because its faster game play than the lower br’s that im having the issue with adjusting to. The same maps i do well on at mid br, tend to be bad for me at high br. I’ll take your suggestion and give it a shot. I can always just follow people and be back up for a bit.

Oh, I forgot two important things: Headphones, they’re very important in cities.

And you have to check flanks more often especially if teammates are far away.

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Trolling just to troll i see. You are the only wanker mate. This is not my main account, as im having issues logging in due to console separations. You are not helping, you are trolling. you offer nothing in the form of help. why are you even in this section of the forum if all your going to do is be a wanker and call people names. You again provide nothing in this post other to be a troll. Congratulations!!! your intellect is so high that you can troll people asking for help!! Man no one can me as cool as you are trolling people asking for help. you set the standard that all trolls should aspire too!!!

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Again just being a troll for the sake of being a troll. You asked no meaningful questions. I can see your are a professional troll on the helping part of the forum. I bet your mum so so prod of you. Maybe your city will put a statue of you!!!

Mums dead and I dont live in a city.

Like I said maybe you could explain yourself better ,I just assume a top tier player would be giving the rest of us tips that’s all.


You could have just asked for more information man, i would have gladly given it to you. I have been playing for a while and the only issue i have is when i play the US tree. I have no issue with soviet, or german. i only have two german 10 or highr tanks. like i said the lower br is no issues so i have no idea what im doing wrong with top tier with the american tanks


Nearly every game winner I see in any BR has Squad/Squadron markings in their name tag, being in a squadron with headphones must the key to success. Free War Thunder lessons.


@EddieVanHalo @testfaze Heyyyy how about y’all don’t go for the throat. It doesn’t get you anywhere. I understand that this is the internet and opinions are illegal, but you’ve accomplished exactly nothing by getting into a fight.

@EddieVanHalo especially you, you are one step closer to making an actual moderator mad instead of just me.

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@war_Tinder yea thats my fault for letting someone get to me. Just having a frustrating night with abrams and trying to figure out why im only having issues with abrams.


It’s fine as long as it doesn’t happen again.

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Find some good players who are keen to jam and get into it. Squading always makes everything better.

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Amazing how you cant get mad when Chinese players are abused on here though. Abuse in general for Chinese players on here and not a moderator to be seen. Mine was a genuine question which admittedly could have been worded better. Sorry for any offence caused but the reply was ott as well ,I hope the OP finds what they are looking for .Im sure a squadron will resolve all their issues specifically.


a. Ignore the trolls that is going to fill this thread
b. USA is at a bit of a disadvantage at the moment

  1. Map knowledge - each map has a bias and most players with IQ above 50 understand this and play the map to its strength. Build knowledge on how the map is played, who you are facing against and their tactics. Never go to the “this is the new best spot for X map”, though always check those spots.

  2. Berm drill, hull down & gun down. USA is really good at snipe to brawl tactics. Combine that with start game positioning & counter flank control you will find that you start the match taking out a leopard or two and those rushing T80s. Once they are dealt with and the weaker (easier to kill) tanks come in on the “2nd wave” you can start a soft push to brawl.

  3. Use TVD but don’t use TVD. Just because you did not see the enemy on thermals does not mean that they are not hiding there. Most of the time on TVD the area is clear but if you look at it without thermals you can see that pesky arial sticking out.

  4. Point Score VS kills. Push more for score than kills - you can have a score of 2000+ with 4 kills all while exercising movement / area denial. Assists does not mean you are a bad player. Stat card and thunderskill does not account for winning actions during a match (see point 1 & 2). Don’t fall into the “first in, first dead” trap.

  5. Audio queues - Do not listen to music while you play. Make sure your engine volume is soft, theirs is loud. Leave your gun volume at about 80% & do not drop your in-game master volume below 20 - I know WT is loud AF but, recommend having your audio at about 30 minimum. Decent headset also helps.

  6. Remember to have fun.

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