I need help understanding the new Forum

This might seem as a stupid topic but i’m honestly quite confused. My original email is replaced with some Gaijin.local email? all my posts i was part of are gone, my profile picture is just green with a S, all my conversations are erased (they we’re important for WT Wiki information and Q&A with the mods). And just overal its like im on a completely new site with zero progress or data to carry, im just wondering if this is normal? or if something went wrong and i lost everything? It says i just now registered while im part of the forums since 2019.

might seem as a lot to ask, but could someone explain to me what has changed.

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short update
The moment i made this post i got a system message saying i got upgraded to: “basic user” and i now have my pfp back :D
still quite confused

There is a new trust system implemented that gives perms to do things on this new forum

Posting that message probably got you upgraded…

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thank you for sharing this, I’ll look into it

So far it seems like fixing something that wasn’t broken…

There is a “Trust system” but it is more like a “Ranking system”.

omg ! wth is this new crap layout of forum and all previous posts and deco is gone.

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Yeah I was trying to read up stuff (played last in 2014) in chance I might be playing again and all of a sudden everything was gone

Ah, link to old forum in the post about new forum: