I need help now!

My game starts lagging mid fight and win+ctrl+shift+b doesn’t help. I play on steam version with gtx 1050 on medium-high settings, my driver version of gameready is 546.29 (latest). It starts lagging dropping to 1 fps for no reason! Help me!

what your cpu?
however 1050 is a bit outdate, can’t image you can play with that, need a new PC

1050 should be good enough on low graphics, I use to play this game on an Intel HD 4000 integrated GPU at 30 fps.

My cpu is intel core i7 7700HQ

I don’t think congestion is an issue here, what about your hard drive, I think it’s too slow to load in time, leading to serious fps drops.

Maybe try turning everything down to low and see how it is then. Also make sure SSAA is OFF, it’s a huge performance hog.

I use 980 m.2 evo ssd

seem like no problem with hard ware, you should open the tasnkmanager while playing game, lock at what cause the problem, the game itself or some other sorfware

Ok, I’ll try it

Reset your computer if you can’t find out what’s the problem.
1050 7700 are fine.
It should run low setting without any problems.
100% software problem

Thanks mate! I’ll try running low settings and checking taskmgr to fix the problem, but the point is, it starts lagging randomly and only if I move cursor.

I used to have this exact problem. I used to have War Thunder installed on an external hard drive then I installed it to an internal SSD. If you have one I would recommend trying that. I would also try and reinstall Windows to see if that helps.

hey what about your RAM?

Is it fullscreen or borderless?
If its boarderless try fullscreen and set priorities to war thunder using task manager.

He’s using 980 which is a ssd

I don’t know anything special, I just know that they’re SODIMM DDR4 16GB (8GBx2)

Fullscreen 1920x1080

Use the task manager and set war thunder’s priority high.

It denies the change

Run task manager as an administrator.