I need a review of every vehicle in the French naval tree (wait, hear me out)

I am working on a year in review thread for all of 2023 in which I go through every single news post published in all of 2023 (excluding videos) and cover each one in detail, giving my thoughts and opinions. This thread will be published on January 1st, 2024, so I guess you have 60K words to look forward to then. Part of this involves covering each vehicle added in each update. Currently, I am wrting about La Royale, but I have a problem: I haven’t played the French naval tree, but I still need to cover it. Could someone or multiple someones please help me out and tell me how every single vehicle in the French naval tree is? I know it’s a big ask, but I have to cover them when talking about La Royale and while I generally do play naval, I haven’t played the French navy and don’t understand it well enough to make a proper judgement.

I can’t help you in that regard, but I understand how you feel. I’m continually surprised by how little player-driven obsessive documentation is, when it comes to this game. Given the nature of the player base, you would expect, I don’t know, advanced guides for every vehicle out there, or something. Especially when most Wiki articles only really cover the basics.

I might do an advanced Jagdtiger guide one day, though it feels a bit ridiculous to me since I’m not exactly exceptional. But in the absence of anything else, might as well try…

So, anyway. Best of luck! Hope we see more stuff like this from other players in the future.

Wait so you havent played any of their ships but you want to make detailed post about it with thoughts and opinions???

I would suggest you to cover vehicles you know and post it on wikipedia, so others can see it in future.

For RB or AB?

You’re trying to write detailed thoughts and opinions for vehicles you haven’t played?
Regardless, a great way to describe them is, “unremarkable”. Attractive, but unremarkable.

I can probably help you out with most of them, dont have the battleships yet but i’ll probably get them when playing to rest, i’ll drop you a dm on discord after the event

I have not played them, but I feel that if i am going to cover everything, part of that responsibility is the French navy, especially in an update named after the French navy which is also the patch that added it. I will be grinding it during the event, and I will preface the vehicles I have not played by saying that they have not been played by me.

Event is now.

When I did same thing with Japanese ships, I was posting it on wikipedia. Most of it is still there, some things were edited over time. I was going through ships one by one unlocking them, playing them and making notes.

Yeah I’m going to be playing them. I’m going to try to grind out what I can.