I love spawn campers

Nothing is more rewarding then a line of brainless lemmings,lit up like Xmas trees on the minimap, queuing up right in front of my spawn zone while I have invulnerability,just waiting to be picked off.

Good thing about saving the best till last.

Nice to get a chain of last minute kills especially after a shocking game.

I also like to hang back a little as my own team are sucked brainlessly into the enemy spawn morass as well.Just leaves more for me,It’s a great lift for the average player.

Keep doing it guys.

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What’s your opinion on helicopter spawncamping

Gajin haven’t introduced Helicopters to the game where I play .Not yet anyway.I think if I raised my tank a thousand feet into the air I might just about be able to spawn camp from my side of the map as well.

Luckily I am not stupid enough to introduce something that ridiculous into the game,I mean can you imagine such a silly thing happening in Warthunder ? ; )

Spawn campers early to mid game are usually a result of you and your team not paying attention. Towards the end of the game, a good sign that you have pretty much lost the game.

Gajin haven’t introduced Helicopters to the game where I play …

Hmmm … I’ll just leave that alone.

Yes indeed but why gift me easy kills by sitting feet in front of me? When you know you can’t hurt me? I’ll take the gift every time.

Good for you and the less than 20 games you’ve played!

Truly impressive.

Yeah l like the forum account is the same as my main in WT.One of many like many. Unlucky ,means that bullying by attempted stat shaming means nothing and you need a better comeback.

If you are into pity kills, go wild.

In a game that clearly only values kills and now rewards kills with extra RB ? With player’s who proudly display their stats and shame others with poor stats?

Tell me again about how you base your game of War Thunder on something other than coming first.

Dude I LOVE the new skill based rewards. Been asking for this since day 1


Kills is why we here Bro.Anybody who says otherwise is a bulls***er.

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I have no problem killing people in spawn, cant say Ive ever died from one.


Let the mugs come.Come into my spawn ,Let me go from my average 3 kills to 6 and win the game.
Bring it morons.

Like I said ,I have to endure watching my winning team capture all the Zones A,B ,C and then vanish into the enemy spawn like a scene from War Of The Worlds,snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!

“Stupid is as stupid does” .

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Game ended, what do you want a ragtag of what a quarter of the whole team to do?

Game ended but I go from 3 kills to 4 or 5 or 6 in the last two minutes? I’ll take that.Your point is what? I mean genuinely I aint seeing it.

My point stands. Let clowns rush in to be annihilated.I get enemy kills on my spawn or better still spawn adjacent and get side on kills against clowns attacking the other spawn point.

If all the dicks in my team insist on rushing to enemy spawn and hurling themselves against invulnerable vehicles I’ll wait behind a ways and collect what comes up the field.Either way spawn campers are good news.Maybe more so in 7BR and below but that is where I live.

Your point doesn’t stand, please tell me who wins an entire enemy team or a quarter of what is left of a team.

Honestly, the thing that I notice is that spawnkilling is actually the most common when one team leaves an entire side of the map open, allowing the other team to just drive through it.

One of the most common examples I experience is on Seversk 13. The most common thing to happen is that like 90% of both teams actually all drive to C. Some maybe split off to B, and usually A is largely devoid of players, sometimes only 2-3 tanks per team fight over it, and surprisingly often you’ll find NO ONE from one team has gone there.

As someone who spawns exclusively at A on that map, its not an uncommon occurrence for me to go and cap that point completely unopposed at the start of the game, and then if my team has also gained B, I can just… Do whatever. Theres no one to stop me. So often I can just go drive up onto the middle road on the enemy side, and easily snipe into the enemy spawn on C side. This stops the enemy team from being able to effectively challenge both C and B, and even if they spawn on A again to try and stop me, Im normally in an already strong position that makes it hard for them to counter me there, because no one bothered to initially defend it.

But by doing this I am effectively spawncamping, however, especially if my team already has B, I have no reason to move. I still need to be there to hold A, and there is zero reason for me to move from a strong position that is denying the enemy ground, for me to drive into a weaker position that is usually unneeded (since with my ground denial it often prevents enemy backup from holding C and gives my team an easier time of taking that point as well)

Seversk 13 is by far not the only map where this is happens, you can do this on many maps. Its most common on maps where one half of it is a town or city or other close quarters area, and the other part is more open fields or hills and stuff. Most people just like driving into the town and brawling, and often leave those outer field flanks severely undefended even when theres a cap point out there.

If you want to prevent being spawncamped, more people need to spawn more often on those sides of the maps and actually defend them. And honestly more often than not those flanks provide some of the best map control and opportunities to flex around the map and control other areas than the cities do, even before you get to the point of spawncamping.


Yep, when you get a good team that tries to defend all 3 points as well as an excellent fighter pilot that is able to provide reconnaissance for all 3 points so long enemy AA is none or minimal at best. Then you have a pretty good chance of winning so long the team play’s defensively.

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Spawn killing is a good strategy bros, by sitting outside their spawn you stall the enemy from advancing drastically improve your team’s chance of capturing the points, and potentially make the enemy team player rage quit as you killed them after they moved 20m from their spawn. Since most SPAA like to sit at their spawn until the time earth becomes uninhabitable, while you are already there you can kill them to ensure your teammate CAS is safe to roam. So please everybody, do your best and camp the enemy spawn, your team will appreciate it.


I chuckled.

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