I know attackers aren't as nimble as fighters, but the su-7 is just straight up unflyable... and it costs 12k to repair

Either lower it’s repair price or improve it’s flight model, it’s just preposterous that rolling away is enough to make you lose all your speed because you enter an endless wobbleroo just to get murked by the TOTALLY BALANCED alpha jet

Out of all planes, a mfking alpha jet is the unbalanced one?

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it’s literally better than most of the legacy 8.7s, but i think the g91’s with the aim9b’s are more BS.


Mig-15 Bis? Scimitar? Swift F.7? Sea Vixen?

None of them have flares or can pull like 15g or whatever on high fuel and high speed.

Sea Vixen as an example is completely negated by German Alpha Jet because it has flares and energy retention.

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Sure, the Sea vixen cannot kill an aware alpha jet, but what the Mig-15 Bis, Scimitar, and Swift F.7 lacks in flares, it makes up for with maneuverability and speed.

mig 15 bis? well, the Alpha jet walks all over the ARIETE in a 1v1, so i think the mig15 bis would be slightly easier to deal with.

The Swift F7 is solid 9.0 material though. Sea Vixen is premium and BS because of it.

Alpha has no chance against the Ariete what are you smoking.

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Ariete is one of the best dogfighters in the game.
If you have some time, and you have the Alpha Jet, I’d be happy to 1v1 in the Ariete.

add more to it, none of these planes have the control authority of the alpha. The game used to have two kinds of vehicles: performance focused with awful ergonomics (say Hornet, F104, and planes that are more likely to be more ergonomics focused with less performance (F7F, F-5C) but since the 4th gens were added the ergonomics and performance started to get more balanced; where you have stuff like the f-16 that have obnoxious thrust with insane maneuverability. The Alpha Jet is much more modern than these 1950-60 jets and mix both aspects very well.

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maybe not in a fair 1v1 with merges and two first no-shoot passes but in an RB scenario both are quite equal, if the alpha has more energy than the ariete there’s nothing much the italian plane can do; it’s not like “if a mig15 bis is on higher energy state” because the mig15 bis usually can’t maneuver very good on high energy states whereas both alphajet and ariete can because they don’t compress as much; in fact the alpha jet does not compress at all.

That’s like saying a Ki-200 is better than the F-5E since if the F-5E is at a very low energy state and the Ki-200 is at a high energy state, the Ki-200 would win.

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Barely matters, Ariete has such powerful engines and sufficient manueverability that it can easily outturn and stall the Alpha. Not to mention that Ariete has actual guns and not the joke that is the Mauser. There are barely any scenarios that do not involve third partying where Alpha can 1v1 the Ariete. At least from my experience flying the Ariete, I find Saab105 much more annoying to deal with.

Of course worse jets will perform better than better ones when the better jet is in its worst possible state. I understand that you are trying saying that, in general, the Ariete gets into its worst possible state (low energy) quicker in an ARB game than the Alpha Jet, but in my experience, a good ariete player does not invest their energy in a fight when they know they can be easily third-party’d during it.
And even then, the Ariete can simply dogfight both at the same time (depending on whether or not they are at similar places and energy, as well as the flight performance of each jet).

You didnt get it

what i am saying is that the alpha jet is not going to get overcomen by the ariete because legacy 8.7s-9.3s suffer from bad compression when on high speed, thing the ariete ALSO suffers whereas teh alpha jet does not.

Oh wow. Compression. The thing that stops mattering after the first turn. And what then?
It literally doesn’t matter. If you’re on Ariete’s six it can just airbrake and turn and then you’re done because you cannot dogfight it, or it can go vertical and you lose again because your performance is worse.

Or on the other hand, if Ariete is on your six and you both are going 1100kmh, then it can continue till the edge of the map because you will not be able to outrun it or do a reversal if the pilot is semi-capable. Once again, despite what your experience ingame may tell you, Alpha simply cannot win against an Ariete without the Ariete pilot being dumb or you having an insane advantage in position.

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Ariete does not nearly suffer as much from compression as you say it does.
It is way more manageable than something like the F4D

I find this pretty funny considering I have yet to lose a dogfight with an Alpha jet while using the Ariete.

The one disadvantage Ariete gets is it’s subpar rollrate, so a lot of planes can get dodge Ariete’s guns by rolling, but even then it’s not a MiG-15 and I have no clue why this guy thinks that Alpha is somehow stronger despite all the advantages on the Ariete’s side.

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If they do a barrel roll, it can be quite difficult to get guns on target, like you said, but you can simply choose to slow down and wait from them to complete a cycle.

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