I just wanted to share my first time in sim with everyone

You need to put in the effort to remember your first cheater you find in each mode, unfortunately I’m not the only one that has noticed this little piece of work as there are other posts/videos linked below.

Here’s hoping the GMs make sure this little rat makes its way onto the next Fair Play scroll of honour.

Enjoy Cheating? Dini75BP? : Warthunder (reddit.com)



As you seem to have been fairly proactive among the GMs I thought this may interest you.

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man i knew it was possible to cheat had a ATGM guy just shootin through everything one match when he couldnt possibly see

Always check server replay if you think something seems unnatural or suspicious, I’ve caught nearing twenty of them now with them all eventually catching a ban.

yeah i reported him but i did feel bad cuz i thought maybe he was good and assumed the anti cheat was already on that type of stuff

If you want to report someone, you suspect for cheating, please use in game complain system and/or replay system (like you already did in this case).
Our GMs are checking reports and act, if report is valid.
We do not allow for discussing cheating on forum, so this thread is now locked.