I just want to know about this vehicle is be permanent on June 28 or after June 28(29)?


Pretty Sure it means the 29th atleast from how im reading it

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I would say its β€œafter” june 28th.

Some people may think 00:00 (midnight)

where as most in game timers, generally finish 11:00 on the next day, ie in game achievements, event medals etc

so i would check around 00:00 if your still up, if not wait until the next server refresh / update around 11:00 on the day of the 29th

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Aight i got it, thanks guys appreciate it

You still want to buy the T-64A now otherwise the Object 435 will block you from doing so. You can also continue grinding down the line skipping the 435 if you buy the T-64A now.

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I’ve finished the T-64s tech tree until BVM but Im waiting for the summer sale so I don’t waste too much SL but if 29th or 28th be permanent i’ll buy it ASAP

It’s permanent, buy the T-64A and then buy the rest on sale.

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im waiting until 28th that will be last day im keep my T-64s until sales comin and i have two things there T-10M and T-64s im still keep it until 28th like 1090000SL😭😭