I just logged into the game and i got a You got reported 10 times for "Unsportsmanlike play"

I just logged into the game and i got a You got reported 10 times for “Unsportsmanlike play”, my friend was playing on my account and he said that he write some bad words so i think thats the reason, but that means i got a ban or something like that? I mean i never say bad things in chat so it was the first time i thing that i got something like this, i didnt got any notification about anything but if i click Gound RB then the i got a " the connection is lost" and i can play Ground RB but the Air RB and the arcade battles are working, i dont know what to do but if anybody knows something please help me.(I dont do account sharing , my friend was playing at my computer at my place while i was at the toilet, im the only one that knows my own password and nobody use my account exept me)

Just to mention that account sharing is strictly prohibited and violators indeed get punished for that.

I wasnt sharing my account he was playing one or two match while i was on the toilet .

I recommend disabling chat next time he takes over then.


First thing, change your password and do not give it out to anyone. If ANY Rules violations occur on your account, no matter who does it, then it falls on you. So do not let anyone have access to your account or you could lose everything . . . just not worth it.
As for the Reports warning, that’s all it is, letting you know your account has had 10 or more complaints filed against it. Normally, if you did nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about. That is an automated msg triggered to give you that warning. But as you have admitted to allowing someone to use your account . . you may have some concerns, time will tell. But if you value your account, as mentioned . . change your password and “Just Say No” to anyone wanting to play with your stuff.

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Thank you for the advice, but then why i cant play Ground RB?

And i dont have to worry about that i sharing accounts because he was playing while i was on the toilet, and he doesent know my password.He just tought that its funny to say some bad words.

Don’t let others use your account.

Make sure you have the Easy Anti Cheat turned on there in the launcher first thing, and you might try doing a game file check as well before entering the game. See if any of those options solve your problem. If not you may need to make a bug report, but hopefully you can get back doing that stuff.
Good Luck

p.s. . . friends are over rated . . . they come over and stay too long, eat your food, touch your stuff and then borrow money and never pay it back . . . almost as bad as relatives . . . .

Thanks for the advice. i try it :D

[quote=“GhostOfSiofok, post:3, topic:56440, full:true”]
I wasnt sharing my account he was playing one or two match while i was on the toilet .
[/quote] with 10 warnings?

Ditch fake wingman! I hope you didn’t loaning your car to him.

I think i got more because its not hate speech it’s unsportsmanlike play i crased into my teammates sometimes in air RB xD. I gote some bad messages to about that. Im playing in the russian servers so i think its because of that i crash and i collected some reports. But im currently doing bug report. I dont understand why you try to point out that im lying I dont do a post if i share my account and i have this kind of problem then i try to do it my self xD.

I dont let him use my account when im not around because of this things but once i do it he do this, like why its not funny and now i had to do this shi and get help . Anyways i try to do a file check at the moment if its not working then its a bug or smt like that. Thanks for the help guys, lots of love <3