I implore gaijin to reconsider the matching of ± 0.7 BR

Whether it is the highest or lowest BR, the gaming experience will not be particularly good because the difference brought by 1.0 BR is too big, not to mention the existence of many almost unbeatable vehicles for low BR.
If battles in RB are limited by nationality, then AB is completely free, and it is more difficult to defeat high BR with low BR in AB battles.
If pure 0.7BR is not suitable, 2 minutes can also be used as a standard, with priority given to matching 0.7BR battles in the first two minutes, and then matching 1.0BR battles after 2 minutes to avoid waiting for too long


Oh please, not again…


Just do proper decompression instead. 0.7 is just a band-aid fix to a massive issue.

0.7 is confusing, and it will still reuqire stuff to be rebalanced.

It also allows for more variation in a certain BR bracket. 1.0 MM allows for 4 levels, while 0.7 only allows for 3.


Fix obvious glaring problems that 90% of people want fixed, then, and 90% of people will stop incessantly complaining about them, maybe. Crraaaaaazy concept.


Just do proper decompression instead. 0.7 is just a band-aid fix to a massive issue.

0.7 instead of 1.0 literally is “proper decompression”. It is mathematically identical to/100% synonymous with making the highest BR 17 and spreading everything out proportionally.

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Idea of changing MM to 0.7 spread is as old as MM itself.


I don’t see your point. That was not a response to anything i wrote.

You should read more…

I can read your comment 17 more times, it still wasn’t a response to anything I wrote. The incessant flood of threads on something is because it continues to be an obvious problem. Whether it’s been that for 1 week or 10 years doesn’t change that…

So you think they are in Gaijin meeting like

Ok, if they create 3 more threads we are gonna introduce 0.7 spread

Dude you sure are stupid

you do realize that when WT originally came out, the max BR spread was .7, right?

Oh, so your point is “It hasn’t worked, so people should stop doing it?”

In that case, how well has replying to all of those threads for 10 years with “Oh please, not again…” worked out for YOU?

Hmmm. Almost as if you aren’t taking your own advice/are a hypocrite.

Nope, first MM was based on ranks. I started playing in 2013

I dont reply to all those threads but I dont see 0.7 spread either so yeah as I said, glhf…

… after it moved from the original rank based system…

Gaijin just lowered the rates for top tier due to fan pressure so what are you on about?

Anyway, on topic instead of being snarky: The player count for War Thunder has increased like 5x in the last few years. So the main reason to avoid this for the first 7-8 years of War Thunder’s history (queue times) only very RECENTLY no longer applies anymore. So there’s a very good reason to RECENTLY demand it constantly again.

Every month or two, player counts go even higher, so it becomes more and more valid every month or two, to an extent that it never was before.


It might help with actual balance, but it sure as heck won’t stop people complaining about “unfair” matchups!

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It’s not the same guy posting all the threads either. It’s a different person basically every time. Just like there’s a different person going “Oh no not again” every time. It’s just as silly (or not silly) for you to have not learned from all those other people doing what you did, as it is for all those thread OPs to have not learned from the other thread OPs doing what they did.

(Except that unlike you, as explained just above, there’s actually a good reason to suggest this now even if it was rejected previously: much higher player counts recently)