I hope the non-game official information acquisition plug-in will be limited

As far as I know, many existing robots do not rely on images to obtain game information, but on game external ports such as “8111”. These ports provide robots with accurate and digital game information, through which they can search for enemies or attack targets, and even no less than the operation of normal players.
I think it is now to restrict the acquisition of these plug-ins or website interfaces and integrate them into an official plug-in, which is not only convenient for ordinary players to apply, but also prevents some people from using them to make robots or plug-ins.

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The only way you can remove these apps is if gaijin fully replaces them entirely 100% functionality wise with no downsides, otherwise you’re nerfing the hell out of people who want to actually KNOW about their vehicles performance without being a guessing game.

Yea, nah, I use the map myself at times.

Detecting them is the key, we don’t need to turn off things that others use, just because they are indeed using this to make thier course plots…

It’s annoying that I could see they were using this from the first bots I actually seen… And yet it’s taken a long time, too long to even get it looked into…

The existing naval warfare robots have strong aiming ability. The accurate data of port 8111 and the pre-targeting that comes with naval warfare provide convenience for robots. Now they are like League of Legends scripts, which are already plug-ins that destroy the balance of the game. After all, normal people do not have the reaction speed of robots. The high-level naval warfare robot kd can be more than 3 or more. If you don’t do more processing, the activities will inevitably be robots everywhere.