I have waited over 30 mins to enter a Naval battle, because i am in 3 players team

I don’t understand why gaijin forces squad vs squad in a naval battle, which means if any 3 players team wants to enter the game, it needs to have another 3 or at least 2 squads of 2 players on the other side, and this situation only happens in naval battles…

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Lul you know why just like
the 7 other people that play Naval battles
( 8 if you include me )

With current queue times of naval, you dont even need to be in squad to play together lmao

We play sometimes with friends at 5.7 and never wait more than 5 minutes. Might have something to do with time and/or br at which you play.

Yes, I am in toptier, it may have some different.

If you played BB, it is necessary in fact. You don’t wanna to 1v3 or 1v4 with your BB