I have problems using the LOSAT

I am writing this comment to ask if anyone has already used the LOSAT tank. I used it, and the truth is that it is almost impossible to aim with it. The missiles simply do not go to the target. When the projectile is launched it makes a very strange trajectory. First the missile performs a kind of spiral that makes the missile sometimes go up and other times go down, then it appears that it tries to stabilize but fails and begins to zigzag and then crashes into the ground. all this happens while I aim at the target. The missile is supposed to fall slightly as it exits and then stabilize and fly straight toward the target. Does the same thing happen to you? I recently read a note from gaijin saying that this tank has many flaws. Will this be one of them?

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You’re gonna need to expect to miss the first missile since it’s impossible to predict the flight path with the new missile physics

Adjust under / over your target based on how the missile slams in to the ground

LOSAT is only playable at 500+ meter engagements and requires camping

Not a bug.

Nah. The problem is that too many people try to “fly the missile”, when you are supposed to just leave the crosshairs on the target. The slamming into the ground thing is that they are firing at a negative angle or into a rise in the terrain or objects.

Yeah if you’re flat on a hill you’re going to die. The missile should be able to correct its flight to the cursor but Gaijin’s physics don’t allow it to.

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Supposedly on the real prototype the racks were canted slightly up instead of slightly down and would have had a Javelin-ish superelevation guidance input since it was designed as a long range missile.
I think the wonkiness of the guidance was as an intentional nerf to keep it from being an OP deathray.

It’s the missile physics change Gaijin implemented to simulate over correction

It effects all ATGMs, speed just increases the effect

I just don’t use ATGM vehicles to any major extent after the missile physics changes, they were intended to make missiles less effective at close ranges, but the guidance overcorrection actually makes the missiles very unweildy and rng based at long ranges, so hopefully an adjustment of the mechanics is due.

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Thanks for your answers and clarifications. I don’t try to control the missile or guide it with the sight, I leave the sight fixed on the target and it does all those strange things while it flies, that’s why I ask if it is normal or a fault

Yes its screwed up. Which is normal for WT. lol

No… the angle of the missile is a bug. If you are on a down slope it fires up if you are on an incline you fire down. That is because gajin is incapable of actually spawning a moving missile… The missiles should go straight as an arrow as soon as they leave the chamber… the low pen at low range also makes no sense as the missile should be going nearly 500m/s just after leaving the launcher and then speed up to 1500m/s. But the pen at 100 and 500m would only be possible at speeds below 300m/s so even at point blank it should be able to pen over 100mm of armour and go over 300mm at 100m.
It is not user error that the missile spawns in at a steep rise or falls down instantly. It is poor implementation.

There must be a couple of translation errors here…

I once set up my HOT2 rktpzr and tried to fire at a tree at 1500 m out. The missiles invariably flew past the tree on one side or the other.

This is borked and they’re not fixing it.

As one can see by going to YouTube and looking for the video of the test launches. They fly out of the tube perfectly straight. Yes, the tube is elevated slightly (like a couple of degrees) which causes them to fly over local terrain, but as you can see in the videos, the missile quickly tracks back down to the beam.

You can be sure of one thing, that these missiles launched from the LOSAT of War Thunder do not behave like the real ones. They would have to fix it, otherwise it is impossible to play with this tank, unless you like to lose a lot of silver lions.

I didn’t try it yet in battles, but at the test field it performs flawless.

LOSAT please be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and forces Gaijin to fix ATGMs