I have no Battle Interface - Gaijin advice would be handy

For some reason I no longer have a battle interface (Ground Battles). The rest of the HUD is there like the minimap etc but I’m missing ammunition remaining, damage indicator, indicator that tells you when aircraft are available, etc. I’ve tried a fix I found from back in 2018 that required deleting the “cache” folder etc ( (WiP) Interface and HUD elements dissappear - Already Reported & Solved Issues - War Thunder - Official Forum), and everything else I could find right up to deleting and reinstalling the game. And yes, I’ve rebooted the computer several times. I’ve checked and the HUD is set to “full”. I don’t know what else to try and would be grateful if anyone knows of a fix.

See that little button with the / key?


That button being there means that you have just hidden it. Press the slash key again to make it show again. This was a feature they added relatively recently.

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Thanks dude! Been away from the game for a while and that wasn’t available before (as you mentioned). That makes life a little easier.

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