I have been banned without reason

Hello, I haven’t played the game in a few months and I start the game today as well as login and I get a message displayed that I have been banned for breaking a rule 3.2 from EULA (modding the game and such). I have never used any mods for the game, I don’t even use custom skins. I do not understand what this ban was for.

You wont’ get an answer or resolve the issue by posting this. Try messaging a game master:

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If you read further down in the section, 3.2.10 (i) may apply to you.

‘‘I’ve been banned’’

the list :

You’re in :

You’re in part of 6000 banned with good reason.


Imagine being a cheater and still trash in the game…

Daily reminder that cheating will not make you good…


Conforming the last game by him was in December 22th, the big Chinese hackers-cheaters community who got dissmounted and banned in December 22th - 23th

That’s juicy and sweet

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Banned without reason, yet nobody when you dig was banned without reason.

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