I have a probleme whit the t-80 uk

so i cant use the ammo i want

do you have the ammo unlocked or purchased or just ran out

i have all of the t-80 uk ammo unlocked and purshased but i cant play whit the 3bm46 and the 9m119 at the same time
Capture d'Γ©cran 2024-01-13 002149


Before you spawn you will see this:


Click on the left one and select 3BM46, click the right one and select 9M119. Now change the ammo count with the slider.

Seems like someone bought their way into top tier without having gathered a sensible amount of experience first


sorry you dont understand but when im chosing the 3bm46 i cant play whit the 9m119 it dont even show up when im on game and same when i chose the 9m119

Send a video or something of your screen when you spawn into a match.

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Click the shell in that view and it should open a drop down of all the shells available

Do you mean you can’t bring the atgm and the apfsds round at the same time?
If you are trying to mean that then you will have to change your rounds before the match starts. @maxidaxy_猫が倧ε₯½γ showed you how that screen would look like. Press on any round and replace it with your desired round.


look i only hace these 4 round that show

Increase the slider on 3bm42

Move the slider this way

is not the round i want look
Capture d'Γ©cran 2024-01-13 002149
it the 3bm46 i want

Click on the 3bm42

This screen

Then it should show a drop down box where you can select your desired ammo.

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omg thanks you my lord glory to snail the grind can restarte

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Btw did you skip the tutorial? You should have played the tutorial.