I have a great idea to help Gaijin make money

My suggestion is that instead of balancing difficult to balance vehicles, it’s better to weaken realism (not to create unrealistic vehicles). Now that the top room has already distributed all the vehicles that can be distributed, all the coin cars and gift package cars below the top room can be transformed into joint vehicles. The top room can distribute top gift package cars, four main battle tanks, two infantry tanks, one anti-aircraft vehicle, two fixed wing aircraft, and one helicopter. Install high-definition thermal imaging, heavy explosive anti aircraft, and top shells, and try to make each car have the same strength. Add one year of advanced account, create a top gold coin integration package, sell for 6000RMB, all of which are top cars. There is no room that will enter a higher level, and the top level room’s coin car will also start production faster. The winning party will have more income.

I have barely any clue what you’re saying, but I think you’re talking about something similar to the platoon mechanic from War Thunder Mobile (WTM) where you have a pack that gives you a bunch of vehicles in 1 go as a lineup. The issue with this is that while this may work in WTM, it does not work in WT because the games are fundamentally structured differently. Putting all these vehicles in 1 pack would not only make the packs so expensive that nearly no one would buy them, therefore they would not make Gaijin more money.

If I am misunderstanding, please clarify.


My suggestion is, can we release a large number of top-tier gold vehicles or gift vehicles? Players want to continuously progress in the tech tree, and the top-tier (11.7) golden vehicles are their best choice. It only requires changes in appearance, as many players are not particularly concerned about performance but care more about the appearance being handsome. It is not necessary to sell them in gift pack mode; they can also be sold separately. The most important thing is to put together a complete lineup, rather than just a single golden vehicle. For example, under the 10.0 weight of the Soviet Union, players can play with 2S38, 72AV, T80UD, 292, BMP2M, and SU25K vehicles by paying a relatively affordable price, including four golden vehicles and two very distinctive vehicles. Having such a complete lineup will greatly increase players’ willingness to spend money and continue playing, resulting in more profits in higher-intensity battles. I would rather spend more money to get a better gaming experience and higher profits, rather than just having a single vehicle and quitting when it’s destroyed. I believe that other factions can also follow suit.

Another idea I have is to replace “amulets” with “upgrade vouchers”. Players can use the purchase of golden vehicles to speed up research and development. Unlike amulets, these upgrade vouchers can directly upgrade regular vehicles on the tech tree to golden vehicles, enjoying the same benefits as golden vehicles. Depending on the degree of purchase of the parts and the fluctuation in pricing, I think this is very good. For example, in Sweden, a gift vehicle was just updated at 10.3, but there are still two non-gift vehicles, the Leopard 2A4. With the upgrade voucher, players can enjoy the benefits of three golden vehicles simultaneously, and it can also satisfy a small number of players with OCD who want to form a full golden lineup. Do you think my two ideas are feasible?

The cost of Premium planes is extotionate for something you can’t actually physically touch. You must have money under you. But people with money tend to forget the average person doesn’t have the money or spare cash to spend on luxuries like that. They are too busy paying bills and providing food and clothes for thier family. What you are suggesting is for the well off and people with more money than sense. It only benefits the “PAY TO WIN” crowd.

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No, no, no, ordinary players can still choose to buy at half price during the annual discount or event, of course, the rich can buy early and enjoy early, I am not a rich person, almost all of my golden vehicles are purchased at a discount, this practice I do not think will benefit the rich, or widen the gap between the rich and the poor in the game, no matter how much money, People who play badly still play badly, a few rich people buy a lot of gold cars to increase their income, while most ordinary people can beat them with technology, increasing the number of gold cars is to increase the number of attacks of players in a game. Encouraging the player to take more active action instead of sitting in one place for an entire round or playing very cautiously (very tired) leads to higher revenue, having higher revenue encourages players to buy more golden vehicles, which is a positive feedback, and gaijin makes more money

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This already exists. You can buy a talisman on any tech tree vehicle with GE. It doesn’t allow it to research all ranks below it efficiently like a premium can, it can still efficiently research only 1 rank above and below, but it does have the research efficiency of a premium.

That’s not what OCD is.

One thing I wonder is why doesn’t premium account provide more practical benefits. I let mine expire after many years because it wasn’t worth the upkeep cost. I don’t talisman anything because I don’t hardcore grind anymore.

It took until barely half a year ago for the first practical benefit - SL “insurance” to ensure you can’t lose SL no matter how rotten your luck - arrived.

I’d love to see things like the followed added onto it, which I can imagine would make it more of a no-brainer for people to buy on half-off sale.

  • Being able to use a talismanned main tree unit or premium unit to spade another vehicle in your lineup, all unused modifications RP is transferred to the unit of your choice.
  • Infinite map bans, likes, and dislikes.
  • Ability to convert some Convertible RP to either Modifications or Research RP per day free of charge, based on how far you’ve progressed in a tech tree. Much like the old bonus of x5 daily per nation, it would be like that per nation with the free conversion “allowance.”

As a long-term player, researching new machines rarely matters to me. The modification grind, however, as well as most maps being dumb city clusterxxxxs, are things that no amount of economic bonus will ever directly make me enjoy.

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HMMM, so that is to say that the existence of amulet is an intermediate product, it is between the golden vehicle and the ordinary vehicle, it does not provide silver cloth income, and can provide limited research and development points, but still requires a high price, the price ratio is very low, most ordinary players will still choose the golden vehicle to climb a whole technology tree and save money, Instead of buying amulets (except for the rich), if my suggestion works, players will have more freedom to make combinations of gold vehicles within the weight they want to play or the strong weight, rather than using the fixed gold vehicles provided by the official battle, and as I said, players care more about the queue than the strength of a vehicle. In the weight of Soviet 10.0, even without looking at air battles, there are three golden vehicles that can be purchased in land battles. If I am a player who wants to climb the Soviet tech tree, I will be more willing to buy them all at once in the discount activities, and more golden vehicles and upgrade coupons I said can allow players to be more evenly distributed among the various weights of the game. The game environment that prevents players from massively crowding into one weight and making that weight very bad. gaijin not only encourages players to be more active in a game, but also makes money, even if you are talking about very poor people, they will have more options when buying gold vehicles, for example, I like KPZ70 very much, I want to use it to continue to climb the technology tree, but he is not strong, and the revenue and development of ordinary vehicles are not high. At this point, I can upgrade it directly to gold with the upgrade coupon and enjoy the same benefits as the Leopard 1 with the 120mm gun. It’s a win-win situation, right? I have a few more suggestions and questions, why not just hand out top-of-the-line gold vehicles? A great choice for players to climb the new national technology tree. Second, should the winner have more money? I also want to make silver coins have more role, silver coins are currently too little role, I hope to use silver coins to buy jewelry in the future, which will greatly improve the player’s play time, in general is the need to mobilize the enthusiasm of players

Please excuse my rudeness. However PLEASE SPEAK BASIC ENGLISH. Thank you, cause no one understands what you are even saying.

Simply put, adding more golden vehicles is beneficial to the game and players, and secondly, I would like to add something that allows regular vehicles to be directly upgraded to golden vehicles.

…My dude, that’s called a talisman and what you what sounds more like pay to win to me. So uh no thank you.

Expecting someone to learn English for a forum comment is insane. They are trying. It is still roughly legible. Would it be nice for it to be better? Yes. Are they trying? Also yes. Cool it.

That wasn’t the intention, if you read what I said, I was not implying to learn English, I was rephrasing it because when you write a large essay as a single paragraph, people get confused and are more likely to not interact.

This is why I said “Speak basic English”=simplify it. Sometimes you need to scream it for someone to understand, sometimes you don’t. Which the kind sir, did, by taking what was written and shortening it down to a more comprehensible and readable level. The beginning of that comment should have been also a warning of "hey I’m about to scream, do not take it personally, i just want to make sure we are on the same page(We understand one another).

I’m not going to have a deep argument here, but suffice it to say that people who don’t know English that well sometimes take longer to say what they are trying to. Cut them some slack.

I gave him slack by giving him a warning ahead of when I wrote it. Either way, he got the message loud and clear, rephrased and simplified his comment so we are sound and clear. Anyway for anyone who reads this I’m going to sleep. So night 0/.

A few things. First of all, the “amulet” you are talking about is called a talisman ingame, and the “golden vehicle” is called a premium vehicle.

Anyway, the issue with this is that Gaijin sells premium vehicles explicitly because they want players to buy those vehicles, especially because around the time an update comes out, it creates more hype around pre-order packs.

I love the idea, I think it’d be great for you to be able to turn any vehicle into a premium like you can in War Thunder Mobile, and while I don’t think it’s entirely not a possibility, I see it as quite unlikely, especially given the existence of talismans.

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Bruh, Baidu Translate is simply a disaster.

Try to use Google next time I guess?


After doing a currency exchange of that, i don’t think a lot of people are actually willing to spend that much on a single game, much less a single nation if i’m understanding this correctly