I got banned because of my in game name

i was banned from warthunder recently because of my current in game name. i dont know why they think ww2 german tank ace names are offensive. people have actual offensive names but dont get banned but i did for some reason. sometimes i dont understand wtf is going on in the minds of the devs

I seriously doubt it.

First off, the Devs have nothing to do with account actions. The Game Master team is the ones that handle it, and it would be best to direct message them if you want to know why your account got locked.

Second, if it was a name violation as the root cause, then they will reset your name like “Rename34563”. That’s it.

If your account was actually shut down. You must have violated the EULA in a severe way, and/or done a recent in-game violation while having a long history of account infractions. The final “nail on the coffin” that lead to your account being locked.

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Read the EULA. No names of historical figures.
I have never heard of a ban for a name though. Usually you just end up with “Renamed6473829”.

This is actually flat wrong - read it again.

Despite this player is obviously far away from being taken seriously - Rommel was neither a war criminal nor a nazi.

It is also obvious that the devs are biased and are defending the myth that the aggressors were the Germans (which they actually were) only - and the USSR invasion of Poland in 1939 and these massacres like Katyn in 1940 were hoaxes.

The only difference why nazis are more or less the only war criminals is because they lost…and were not granted immunity like the infamous Unit 731:

You find a quite open official statement how a dev sees Germans as a whole as an aggressive nation in this thread:

This is actually wrong too, as GMs are players like you and me and they are not in charge for severe account punishments like perma bans.

Just recently one of them reported that they don’t even know the names of the actual staff in charge of such things.

I do agree that asking a GM might help to get feedback for a lock/ban.

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Well, Devs, Support Team, Admins, CMs etc all act on certain things

GMs also deal with certain actions, even more so about in game Mutes and passing on bad Names to higher ups to be dealt with etc…

For actual Account Locks/Bans, then only Support can help… but, if it is a Account Ban, then there is something like 0.001% chance that something can be done about it, since it tends to be for a very good reason… such as you mentioned, violated the EULA or ToS…

Another reason for Account lock/Ban could be for either GJN balance concern issues due to account safety, and negative Golden Eagles, which are both matters for Support to help to deal with, and in those cases they are NOT permanent Locks/Bans, once the issues/concerns are dealt with they can restore the account

Second, if it was a name violation as the root cause, then they will reset your name like “Rename34563”. That’s it.

^ That, unless it was something that violated the EULA or ToS in some extreme manner, then the account should not be Banned/Locked, you would only have a forced name chance to something as mentioned