I found a buncha Information about the: Strv m/42 "Delat torn" (Discussion)

Id be really happy if gaijin could animate the auto-loader on the Strv m/42 DT

The 3 round Magazine holds the ammunition While a Chain/Thread powered by an Crank, with a small arm grabs the round and pushes it into the mechanical arm. The arm then Lifts the round to the breach. The round then gets shoved into the breech, This could be done
Strv 42 Loading mechanism

“the best performance of the autoloader was determined as 4 rounds in 8,2 seconds.”
I could only find in these documents that it could fire 8 rounds in rapid succession. Im guessing that meant the loader was filling the Magazine while the gun was firing. This in turn means that the system must have been automated in someway. There is also mention of Bofors exploring the effect of an electrical Drive system for the Loading system.(2nd picture below)




These are old documents

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