I feel like these 2 Swedish helicopters should be lower BR

I know that some people don’t like helicopters, but looking and playing these 2 helicopters. Looking at their load out it just doesn’t feel like they are on correct BRs.
On both helicopter you need to research your MGs which if you equip, you will loose half of your missiles for fixed MG (at least it is a .50cal) so you have at least a small protection.
I get that the 9.7 get thermals and better missiles, but in stock variantion gets 4 missiles and if i want some protection against enemy air, i will loose half of them. And playing helicopter at 9.7 with only 2 missiles that can be find on Udes 33 (ATGM TD) that is sitting at 8.3…it really feels like both helicopters should be lower in BRs. With maybe the current 9.7 being lower then the 9.3 one. Yes it has thermals and better missiles, but you have only 2 missiles if you want MG or you have 4 missiles and no protection against enemy air that can easily take you out. The 9.3 one you at worse missiles, but you at least still have 4 of them when you bring MG.

Feel free to tell me what you think

personally I believe they are at a reasonable BR considering their contemporaries in Germany, although overall Swedish helicopters kinda have quite a few issues as they are overly reliant on guided missiles rather than unguided rockets, although it would be nice to see at the least one of the two helicopters be dropped down in BR for arcade so they it can participate in the lower bracket for HeliEC

German one can have at the same time MGs and 6 missiles, they are already better then these 2 together. For some reason only the 9.3 one has RWR, the 9.7 doesnt.

The HOT missiles on german helis are slower, but they have better pen and range. Both have RWR. And they still have Mi-24P at 9.7.

So i dont agree with you that these 2 swedish helis are on reasonable BR

They’re fine where they are.

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the HKP9A’s closest comparison, IMO would be the UH-1C. Both are usually operated with only the I-TOW pods, so they play very similar. Identifying the differences should explain the BR difference. First, the 9A’s overall size is smaller, making it a harder target to hit and giving it better overall maneuverability. This makes it faster to reposition and reload. It also mounts the targeting pod on the top of the fuselage instead of the bottom, meaning less of the helicopter needs to remain exposed to walk the missile onto the target. The targeting pod has a wider allowable launch angle. It gets 2 more missiles than the UH-1C. It also has RWR, which the UH-1C does not.

Is that worth 0.6 BR? I think so, but you may not.

Lke the 9.3 one can maybe stay where it is…but not the 9.7 one. Especialy when you compare it with other 9.7 helicopter. Only thing it has then others dont is thermans. BUt having only 4 missiles with o other defence, missing RwR (which the 9.3 one has). And if i decide to take MG i end up with only 2 missiles. That is extremely poor amount. They may be good…but i see them on 8.0/8.3 ATGM launcher in ground.

Maybe the 9.3 one. Not the 9.7 one

I think you’re right about the 9.7, or at least there are 2 helicopters that should move to 10.0 and this would stay. TOW 2 missiles are a big deal due to their tandem charge and IRCCM, so I get that the HKP9C is getting a better ATGM in exchange for not getting the payload or AAM options of the bigger helis, but the AH-1F and especially the Tzefa D are strictly better. The AH-1F gets 8x TOW 2 plus CCIP rockets and a 20mm and the Tzefa is just an AH-1F with flares, which is even better.

I’d wager if Gaijin was forced to balance the HKP9C, they’d just move the AH-1F and Tzefa D to 10.0. Otherwise, I think it balances OK with the rest of the 9.7’s given the usefulness of thermals in foggy and rainy conditions and the strong performance of the TOW 2.

9.3 is fine at its BR, very agile and with good load of well hitting missiles. I got very nice games on this heli and it ckmpletes the 9.3 really well. You are of course not meant to take mg at any time, it will hardly ever do anything to 9.3ish jets, but as a compensation you can manouver very well even stock, much better than russian and american helis. 9.7? Eh, still researching it, on paper it looks as not much of an upgrade so maybe 9.3 would be okay for it but at the other hand I might be wrong.

With the new weather systems, having thermal targeting TOW-2’s in dense fog or rain is a substantial advantage. I think putting it to 9.3 would be a mistake imo.

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HKP9A belongs to 9.7 and the improved version to 10.3+.
Gaijin really needs to get it’s shit together with helicopter balancing, it’s absolutely insane that you get TOW2s with thermals at 9.7 while SPAAs are still practically limited to ~3km range

You do reliase that the same missiles that 9.7 heli have (the RB55C) is on a Pvrbv 551 and Udes 33 that are on 8.0 and 8.3, right? Plus max range on them is 3,75km…which you will always get closer to battle field in those helis if you want to get kills…they are not the Russian missiles that have range from 4km to 5km at the same BR.

Sweden getting extra powerful ATGMs early is it’s own thing and not much of an issue since missile carriers don’t move at over 200km/h speeds, can’t really fire on the move at all, shoot one missile and then spend several seconds just reloading. Comparing them is a bit silly even if their ammunition is the same.

The russian helicopters are indeed even more ridiculous with their over 500m/s speed missiles with 5km range and 4km range missiles at 8.0, 6+ armament slots, ability to take absurd amounts of damage and so on, the list of bullshit just goes on