I f#cked up

Well i tried turning on movie graphics on my war thunder and every time i try to turn it on it just crashes and i need to restar my PC. I play on steam so i cant just turn it off on the luancher. Someone help and this is on my main acount(jetolow)

U can run it separately from steam through the files and probly change in the client launcher
Personally I use the client launcher


Did u fix it ?

If you go to here in the steam library:

and then sort by “type” looking for applications, you should see one called “launcher”.
If you double click it should launch the launcher and let you change the graphics settings.


Or, you can just click on “Properties” and select how to launch the game… :)


thx bro

or if you have the option enabled on steam it will ask you if you wanna launch the game manually.

Else go to the config file in Folder and edit it in windows editor and save