I don't think that's how airfields work gaijin



The other runway Harrison…


yes, but on a much more important note:
You use km/h and Fahrenheit?


Well, it is an anti-aircraft cannon lol.

yeah, km is easy to understand but C is not for me

hugely interesting.
Since esp for props the temp in °C is good for water temp (with 0 being freezing and 100 boiling) with water cooled engines, similar with oil temperature (sometimes a bit higher since the water cooling cirquit is unter higher pressure).

My country (you can guess which) uses F’ so its easy for me to understand it. I’ve never learned C.

This might be a weird question but how are you inputting the " ° " in your messages?

Yeah, maybe a reason to learn C ;)

On my (German) Keyboard we have that to the left of the top numbers with pressing shift.
Though that changes massively when you go from QWERTZ to QWERTY, since the mayor difference there are those secondary symbols. Otherwise you enter the Unicodenumber (different per country) with a combination on the keyboard and should be able to get any Unicode Symbol with that.

I have mine set to “YOR”. “yellow” its okay. “orange” time to back off of WEP. “red” need to throttle way back for a while. Numbers going down, good. Numbers going up, bad. Blinking numbers, very bad.

ALT 248 will give you °. There is a slew of alt codes for symbols.

lol, that’s what I run too, cuz only American vehicles use American measurements, and I’m a Sweden main, so KM’s are useful for reference, but I still don’t know Celsius. On the note of the airfield, yet another show of gaijins RNG acting up, like shell shattering 6 shells on a Russian tank, purely just that better low grade, low carbon steel. I think gaijin should add multi-runways and taxiways, I’d love to the the chaos ensue. 🪑😀🔥

I usually just google degrees, and copy-paste the symbol in xD

Obstacles on the runway never stopped Maverick…

But, seriously, you will need to report issues like in the bug reporter