I don't quite understand why

I don’t quite understand how Chinese helicopters in the current version of War Thunder, especially the z9 all the way up to the z19, also include the z19E.
Under the current BR classification of Chinese helicopters, the z-9wa is 10.3, the z-19 and z-19E are 11.3, and the z-10 is 11.7.And every time I try to use z9wa and z19E for ground support operations in their corresponding BR classifications, I always have to face air defense units with an air defense distance of up to 6 or even 8 kilometers.Meanwhile, the Z-9wa and Z-19E ATGMs have an effective range of 3km and 6km, respectively.Although I know that Gaijin’s positioning of Chinese helicopters is an air defense helicopter, just driving the helicopter to squat at other people’s refresh points is really boring.
So I hope gaijin will give a little thought to giving Chinese helicopters ATGMs that can be used in the corresponding BR classification.
In addition, I don’t quite understand the basis for the performance of vehicles in War Thunder, historical vehicles are added in-game according to the state they were measured, which is not much problem, but modern vehicles are improving every year, such as the T80BVM released the 2023 version this year.However, only one version of T80BVM is provided in the game, please ask whether the in-game T80BVM will be upgraded to become the T80BVM-2023 version.
If so, then please gaijin can at least upgrade the vehicles of other countries to their current state of technology, and if not, please at least label each vehicle with its specific version.


Get closer to the battlefield. You aren’t supposed to fire atgm from your helipad.

Right ,then the FIM92 will be your dinner

I don’t quite understand what you mean, neither AKD-9 nor any version of Red Arrow 8 can do strikes against ground units in the theater of operations from Helipad, on the contrary, I will be faced with a series of ultra-long-range missile anti-aircraft vehicles, including Roland. So now the situation is that it seems that I have to use the TY90 for air defense operations, because I cannot perform the task of ground strike.