I don't need a wishlist button for tech tree vehicles

Useless UI clutter while I’m trying to preview modifications isn’t beneficial. At least move the button to the bottom of the list rather than where modifications used to be.


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Are you mentally well?


You could have at least put the button on the bottom near “Information”, why right where modifications used to be?


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Real. I came here not mentally stable, and it’s just declined the more I play…

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Just don’t click it???

Its that easy…


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Just don’t put it right where I used to click modifications so my muscle memory doesn’t have me click it, it’s that easy…

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I could probably say the same thing about you cluttering topics with irrelevant comments not relating to the title post.

Its not that hard to get used to change.

It is what it is.

It should not be hard for Gaijin to make logical UI decisions like not putting buttons which are not normally going to be needed near the top of a context menu displacing commonly used buttons that make the game function.

Unfortunately as shown in many other choices Gaijin has made they do not hire competent UI designers. Hence this post which is providing feedback over what an idiotic choice it is to place a wishlist button right where modifications normally would be and a suggestion inside the post to move the button down next to information where it won’t disrupt normal usage.

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It’s mildly irritating, but also, a buttom was moved down 1 space. Chill. It’s not that big of a deal.


I’m perfectly fine with developers making mistakes especially for a title in active development. I do not have patience for users who advocate for the game remaining unchanged when a mistake has been made.

Putting the button above modifications and other more useful options in the context menu is asinine and should be rectified.

You yourself admit the change is “mildly irritating”.


yeah, but it can also be useful just to kinda track what you wanna work on or to leave comments on vehicles.

And its funny.

(I will wishlist the L3 and NO ONE CAN STOP ME)


The wishlist feature itself isn’t inherently bad, the placement of the button is the issue.

It is odd that tech tree vehicles can be added, and the placement of Wishlist above Inventory has been screwing with my muscle memory for sure.

This will greatly impact the economy.

True and real.