I don't like the current gamemode

I guess you all know Gaijin has recently added a new game mode which is “Loading modes” where the either sit at the hangar looking at your vehicles or you join custom battles, I honestly not enjoying myself at all, this is probably an ongoing, month-old long problems that they hadn’t bother fixing.

Anybody here found a workaround to play arcade or RB?

“Loading modes” is what happens when you can’t connect to the servers and/or internet.

Yes, restart your game.

I’m sure they tried that.

Probably a security or firewall exception problem.

True, but you never know. I’m a firm believer in the K.I.S.S method of troubleshooting. Keep.It.Simple.Stuipd. so always start with the simplest solution and work your way from there. I personally have not encountered this issue. But the buddies that have resolved it by restarting.

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And that’s why the next step after that would be checking your router and modem. Make sure you have the updated firmwares for each device. Same goes for the network drivers for your PC. Then start checking other network peripherals like your firewall settings and what not. Also, be sure to check your network cable. Make sure it’s securely seated at both ends. If you’re using wireless, make sure you have nothing around that could be interfering with your connection.