I don't like saying it...but the more i play the more i think there should be some kind of rank base system

I know this is not liked theme to talk about in WT but after years of playing this game (mostly ground) playing in high tiers with people that not only dont know how to mark on mini map, but it also feels like that they dont know they have mini map in corner of their screen at all.

Sadly i dont know how would this rank base system work…maybe little bit similar to CS:GO where you can play ranked and then the chaos that is non-rank (i dont play CS:GO, this info is only from vids i watch).

But if you have any idea how could this be done i would love to hear it.


Sounds fun to me

I fully agree, but from my pov the lack of (mandatory?) tutorials within the UI of the game is playing a major role.
Yes, yt is full of vids how to play the game, but the total absence of any kind of support by gaijin itself for new players within the game is the root cause for this.

A tutorial section (how to play, how to use advanced weapons, game mechanics, tactics & strategy…) either combined with a small GE reward after watching or mandatory at higher tiers would be suited to reduce the number of “clueless” players…

I mean everybody was once a rookie and alone the fact that these players spawn in proves that they want to play and do something, but without any support it takes for most players ages to be able to support their team…


The number of TKs in SB because people have absolutely no idea what IFF even is, not too mention how to use it is terrorfying. Never made sense to me why there isnt a mandatory tutorial you have to do before being able to enter SB with a radar equipped aircraft.

There are also mechanics like CCRP that almost no one uses probably because most dont really know how. Include tutorials for using and defending against AAMs (especially important if they want to continue to add high tier P2W premium jets) Would be great to get a total overhaul of tutorials and mandatory completion for new players


less easy kills though :(

Probably more wins though…

Yeah, which means more capable team (of course also enemy). But that means something like a seal clubber in low tiers wont be a thing also as the more skill players will be playing with skilled players.

Maybe, but matchmaking would be a pain and we don’t want to go through having one really good game only to get destroyed 5 games in a row because it thinks you’re on the level of a world champion lol.

It would punish good players more than anything really.

Fix the gamemode first before doing anything ranked lol.

Also ranked mode wouldn’t let Gaijin do free to play shenanigan’s when it comes to matchmaking

How would ranked system punish good players, lol?

Counter-argument: having good players play against worse ones is punishing worse players.

Why so, its totally fair to pit ppl who played this game 8-10years against ppl who started or played it 2months >:D

How do you think those players learnt. Exactly the same. I didnt touch RB til level 100 as it was much more brutal.

Funny that in ARB people play what they like, not being dictated by the pearl clutching (not saying you are, it is a general observation about more modern WT).

The more I play, the more I think skill based matchmaker has actually already been stealthily implemented.
The better the player stats, the worse teammates he recieves.


Hmm…that would explain a lot

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also lineup plays a role i think, when i join with only 2 or 3 top tier and put one low tier into it i have better teams overall. When i use a full linup like 10 top tier stuff i keep losing and be mostel ranked 1-3 rd place after match.

Good players would have longer times sitting in the matchmaker and a generally harder time doing basic tasks. This has already been proven in Call of Duty.

For example, a good player can do extremely well in a match, pop off, and get a nuke. If this was Skill Based Match Making, it would then put you against nothing but try-hards and the best of the best for the next couple of rounds where you get absolutely annihilated.

It works on paper, but in practice, no semi-casual to competitive game can actually use it without frustrating even more people than before.

On top of that, a skill-based system would break with squads being involved and new players will never learn how to overcome certain obstacles because the game does not encourage them to improve. It only punishes improvement.

tutorials SORELY need updating. As of now, the plane and tank tutorials are exactly the same as back when I started playing in 2013 and back during the ground CBT in 2014. Nowadays, you do your tutorial in a little chaika, and right after that, you’re “qualified” to spend 70 bucks on a MiG or Phantom some 40 years more recent. It truly is ludicrous. And the F1 menu essentially “hides” all the tool tips someone many need, because its completely out of the way. Did you know pretty much all the official documentation on how RWR works after the update is hidden in the F1 menu? lol


Learning through defeat can be beneficial initially, but taken to the extreme, it can become frustrating and discourage the player from continuing to participate. Skill-based matchmaking ensures that everyone faces appropriate opponents; neither too strong nor too weak. Likewise, it ensures that victories are achievable for all.

A truly competitive environment is achieved by leveling the players…

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It doesn’t work in practice. As nice as it sounds, just ask anyone who played Call of Duty. All it did was incentivize you not to get better if you want to have fun.

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You are speaking from perspective of a good player like it’s important.

Do you think lower skilled players wouldn’t enjoy playing a fair match?

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Well, your anecdotal opinion seems somewhat irrelevant. All video game developers are constantly striving to achieve an appropriate difficulty curve for all players because that’s the key to retaining players committed.
The players will continue playing as long as a game is perceived to be winnable, not the opposite.

Try place a newbie at br 11.7, and let’s see how long they last before getting frustrated.