I dont know about you but here is an idea for an Halloween Event

So it would be nice if there was an daily tasks for like 5 weeks or less
Tasks for Candies example 1.Get required number of kills (40) reward 40 candy
and sub tasks for events that may be running in the moment as for example an event battle with Halloween Custome Themed vehicles and its either races , battles PvP i will still like it*.
Prices:M3A1 Satan 300 Candies
Ryan XF2R Dark Shark 750 Candies
Xi’an JH-7 1500 Candies
Leopard 2 HELL 1750 Candies
Decals 30-45-50-80 candies


As this was just an suggestion make sure you place your own ideas below. Thanks for your time.
I believe this would be a nice event as long as it isnt going to be too time wasting but more over fun!.