I don’t receive event points (Inferno Cannon)

I have been playing war thunder since 04/24, however, my points are not added to the event achievements needed to unlock the vehicle!

User: J4NGO UNCH4INED@live
Platform: Xbox Series S

Are you using rank 3 vehicles in ground battles? That’s what is required. Also you can use rank 1 and 2 event vehicles :)

All battles are played using premium vehicles like:

Leopard 2A4 (premium pack)
2S38 (Premium vehicle)

With premium account

Oh well the only other thing I could think of is that you have to wait until the next “challenge” or like day it will count to it. It’s like every 2 days it resets.

Edit the first day is already locked too, so you can’t get those days rewards points

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I played from April 24th to April 29th and I didn’t receive my points!

Thanks BillyBobDa3rd

Yeah no problem


you have to make 35,000 mission points in two days to get one star. If you don’t make 35,000 mission points it simply moves you to the next one