I can't stand this anymore, and you shouldn't either

You play well enough in the MBT match to get an F16C with bombs/AGM to use in the match, and then you spawn above your AIRFIELD and literally 1 SECOND later you’re hit by a missile from the PANTSIR-S1.

There’s no safe place, there’s no way to use planes against the Russian team, ESPECIALLY on MEDIUM/SMALL maps.

Meanwhile, they spam KA-52, KA-50, MI28NM (any version of these helicopters) at the start of the match and obliterate at least 2 to 3 vehicles with their cannons and rockets, and all you can do is shoot at them with your .50 and 7.62mm which take AGES to bring them down.

And when you try to do the same thinking you have equivalent power, your lovely and cute 20mm cannons equipped on your wonderful APACHE do literally NOTHING to the side or top of the enemy target.

As if the nerfs to the AGMs equipped on the F16C that do nothing but cause a HIT on the target weren’t enough, you still have to be ELIMINATED by a PANTSIR-S1 having just spawned above your AIRFIELD.

This is not fair, it’s not right, and it shouldn’t be normal to literally destroy a nation because you love your homeland so much by giving that nation every possible buff and then just proclaiming to everyone: These adjustments were made based on updated files received from some of our collaborators, and that’s why we will make the PANTSIR-S1 eliminate any aircraft spawning more than 16KM away.

Holy grail, it’s terrible to play as the USA, it’s terrible to play as any other nation that faces the RUSSIANS. You have no chance in the SKY, and when you achieve something on the ground battlefield, you can consider it a miracle provided by GOD or whatever your religion is.

Man, this is not fair and it has to stop as soon as possible.

Forget the aircraft you put in the line to play with your tanks together, because the sky is completely RUSSIAN and the GROUND is almost becoming RUSSIAN too.


While the KH-29 missiles (all versions) on Russian planes kill all tanks even if they hit 1000KM away from the tank. THE GUY CAN MISS ON PURPOSE AND STILL KILL THE ENEMY TANK WITH THIS MISSILE.

It’s incredible, I have no more words to describe how horrible it is to play against a nation that literally has EVERYTHING and THEN SOME to dominate EVERYTHING in the game


It is a bug that is affecting all heat based air to ground missiles. Also they are getting buffed next update.

If i can use my harrier against pantsirs, you can use a f16

spaa should have no trouble taking out heli rushers at that high of a br. sadly, most teams seem to not understand this.

US has the best cas at basically every br. top tier US sucks because most players seem to be bad players buying their way to top tier.


It’s so good that you’re not safe even 18KM away from a PANTSIR-S1. So good that you need to get within at least 13KM to make the enemies RENDER on your screen.

It’s marvelous, simply marvelous.

It must be some kind of joke, you grind an entire line of planes and tanks, and you still get treated like a fool with jokes. Come to think of it, I must be crazy to grind both branches of the American tech tree.

I really hope they fix this because, compared to the KH-29T and its variants, the Mavericks do NOTHING and don’t even SCRATCH the enemy’s paint.

.50 cals do nothing against these 11.0 helicopters. Now, if you use your top-tier APACHE, even 7mm rounds can easily take down American helicopters.

And as I said: It’s unbearable to gather the points to play with a plane equipped with bombs/AGMs, and upon spawning with the loaded aircraft, get hit by a PANTSIR-S1 missile 18KM above your AIRFIELD.

I have killed pantsirs and tors with my harrier gun pods. Is it easy? no. But if you use your plane to its potential, you can do it.

Personally, i have really enjoyed the abrams/a6e combo. I have been trying with using the f14 as anti air. it has been pretty good so far.

if you are using a 12.7mm spaa at top tier, maybe you should grind some better spaa. and heli nerf is on the road map for this year.


If only they increased the amount of points to prevent enemies from spawning with helicopters, it would be enough. But currently, they can not only spawn but also equip rockets.

Dude died to a Pantsir, which means they flew like a drone and got clapped for flying straight in like a drone.

Use the S-maneuver, fly like CAS should fly, and you’ll never die to Pantsir.
Of the hundreds, if not over a thousand, attempted engagements from Pantsir, zero have hit me during CAS runs due to me playing CAS like CAS rather than playing CAS like a drone, and only one has hit me after spawn where I climbed instead of diving in my Tornado on Abandoned Factory where I didn’t research the map prior to playing CAS on it, AKA I had a skill issue.

I fly down to 9km from Pantsir at times depending on the aircraft. If I’m in Tornado I try to stay 13km away, F-16 I can get as close as 5km without issue.

Ka-50 is mid.
Ka-52 is among the helicopters all tech trees get.
AGM-114s do far more damage to enemy tanks than Vikhrs, as Vikhrs due to their proximity feature only have a anti-tank warhead almost identical to TOW-2.

Thus ends my defense of NATO, and my critique of Soviets for this post.

Prevention. People says that SPAA are nerfed and CAS are OP. I mean, I’m on the side of the SPAA guys, I really don’t like the CAS rush ones. So, in my perspective you are coping about obvious things. If you spawn a Airplane the right thing is for a SPAA shoots you down, isn’t?

How are you supposed to shoot down a helicopter at least 4km away from you with a 7,62mm MG or a 12,7mm one?

Except by the Ka-50, the other two are blatantly OP.

Because most Russian-made, specially top tier helicopters are equipped with the 2A42 30mm cannon with APDS rounds? I think the performance difference is obvious.

But the issue isn’t the fact that you can’t do nothing with the YAH-62’s 20mm, they’re good weapons.

They’re going to be buffed next major, so you should take a look at them.

Play Sweden then, they’re peak Meta, nowadays USA turned itself in a cannon fodder: vehicles missing accurate parts or newbies buying top tier like the “Click-bait” or the M1A1 AIM ruining everyone’s match.

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This kids name…


You’re not wrong that there should be SPAA to shoot down planes on the battlefield, but the issue I’m raising is how absurd some of them can be, especially the PANTSIR-S1, which can catch you right after spawning at the AIRFIELD where it should be a safe area for maneuvering and repositioning your plane’s altitude before heading to the battlefield to perform your CAS role.

I didn’t specify the distance earlier, so I won’t criticize your reading. Now, let me explain properly what I meant.

Helicopters that advance at the beginning of each battle with ROCKETS and their powerful 30mm cannons that penetrate everything easily reach within 20 to 30 meters of your vehicle. Your only defenses are your cute .50 caliber machine guns against these helicopters, but no matter how much you shoot at them, they manage to finish you off before you can bring them down. Because your cute machine gun takes AGES to cause any significant damage to these helicopters.

I’m still grinding through the American M2A3 BRADLEY line, and I’ll move to Sweden once I finish grinding this line. But this line likely won’t stay in the ‘META’ position for long because Germany will have new versions of the 2A7 and possibly (I PRAY TO GOD) variations of the Leopard 2A6 as events or even to put in the tech tree. I still have high hopes for Italy and especially France.

Don’t mind the names, it’s just a satire with Japanese cartoons.

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“Big brother, please stop” is an interesting name ngl


Yes, I even laugh at my own nickname in War Thunder.

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Then change your name lmao

Never ! :) I like this satire :)

Yep, and you are in a decent airframe that accelerates well and turns hard. Imagine the tornado and similar aircraft. The current balance at top tier for air Vs SAM is kinda insane currently.

Definetly time for major upgrades to both AGM and SAM for all other nations needed ASAP

IF i remember correctly almost ALL toptier SPAAs are running at half effectiveness since the system we use to guide the missile from launcher to the face of a jet is the backup system. The actual main system used on most? all? modern SPAAs are computerized which means all we should have to do is look and lock the enemy and send the very angry telephone pole their way then the computer system does the rest. But correct me if i’m wrong


should be correct yes