I cant play War Thunder anymore becouse of this bug

In Windows there’s an installation folder, and a common folder for settings.
I can’t speak for MacOS.
Also, you have another 5 hours before daily login resets.

Running installation as the MacOS equivalent of administrator might be required as well.

Maybe help this video

i can access the war thunder folders by right click and show correlated files or smth but in that files do i OBLITARATE everything?

i cant run with admin, im on MacOS (@_@)

Try this to get admin rights

or this:


Do you have Intel Mac?
If you have Intel one instead ARM one, you can install Windows without using VM.
IIRC, Windows(Direct X) version has better performance than Metal API that is only used on Apple products.

so i have admin account now thanks

naw windows on my mac its a no-no

At the end tell me what do i do plase

You still can play War Thunder again?

probably no

even if i try to open it with “admin” (control+ click ok WT)

Maybe this can be interesting:

But i cant really help you. I don’t know about mcOS. I only tried only to watchout in google.

The problem get much players wich buy a new laptop or update windows. But there must be solution.

I can’t more help you.

  1. page dosent load
    2)im on MacOS
    3)im not in a VM

i dont care anymore i will just do random shit and delete every WT folder

You’re probably going to have to do it the hard way thru the command line and use sudo.

how to make excutable lol

so i just did a lot of shit in war thunder folders like remaming the damage files “peepeepoopoocheck” and putting them in the trash bin and making a virtual genocide

so i just did that and now what do i do? (guys my life is on your comments)