I can't be the only one that notices that the Cheiftain's UFP is modeled way wrong right?

Like that angle is FAR too little, it should be ALOT more sloped back.


Or the Lower plate needs to be brought up a few inches in the model. one of the two are the issue, It doesn’t help when you don’t model the Chieftain with its Natural Rearward lean caused by its super heavy engine and transmission that made the UFP even more angled.

Its almost as if the ingame models for the Chieftain’s are based off the Prototypes before they changed the forward armor profile to make it a little easier to cast, and have more of a angle to it.

(Chieftain prototype for reference)

Not only is that prototype entirely different to the screenshot items, but you omit an actual photograph of a Chieftain tank:

Ignore the red.
As you can see the UFP is effectively identical to the in-game Chieftains.

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Still doesn’t fix the other issue i raised about the Chieftain’s being designed to lean back, which increased their frontal armor’s effectiveness pretty well.

They all have a lean back on the hull which raises the front of the hull, and increases the angle of the front plate, in WT they just sit completely Level.

Provide more sources and make a bug report, that’s all I can tell you.
A picture of a prototype, as Alvis said, is not going to do you any good here because, as already said, it’s a completely different hull.