I calculated Russian bias. Shocking results. Please Read

Zero game devs will make perfect ballistics cause the CPU cycles don’t exist.
War Thunder however improved its simulation in 2022, which is something no other dev can say at this time.

I just had a match against a T-34. I shot directly at him, but the shot missed by 8 feet to the top right. It left a damaged brick graphic in the house. The miss was way beyond where my mouse was located. I checked the replay on my end, and it appears I shot right through him, despite it showing an 8 foot miss. I watch the replay off the website, and the damaged brick appears right behind the T-34 as if I shot through him. On the server replay there is a huge mouse swing upward, yet both replays show a different brick damage location than from when I was in game. IT’S ALWAYS A RUSSIAN TANK THAT THIS HAPPENS WITH

The upper glacis plate of all T-34s is at 60°.

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I just watched a T-34 drive in between 3 tanks that were shooting it. It sat there, presumably for track damage. 2 tanks pulled up in front of me to that circle to begin blasting it. I got in range and shot at the turret which was turned at one of the 3 tanks. I shot it killing 2/4 crew which means 5 tanks did no crew damage through multiple shots and reloads. This means the entire enemy team in this area gained advantageous positions. The 3 tanks died by the enemy team. I shot at the t-34 multiple times, gaining 1 more crew kill. Someone else got the T-34 kill. I died immediately after.

I mean that’s just server desync. I really don’t think Gaijin is coding in some mechanic where the game makes you miss when you shoot at Russian tanks, especially only super rarely, since I see dozens of T-34s get one tapped whenever I play lower BRs.

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Occasionally I one-shot them, but more often than not, they are complete deflections. The shot I would have had on the guy should have been a kill, but it somehow became the grandest desync I have ever seen yet while playing.

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