I bought the wrong vehicle, I want to transfer packages

I accidentally bought F4S(USA) instead of F4J(UK), can I request to exchange the item, this is terrible for me

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you can’t

I haven’t even played a match on f4s yet

And spent the GE? If you havent used the GE and stuff,it can still be done if u write ticket to support i think,

yead, i did’t use anything.

in that case, you might be able to get a refund but they might put up a fight. you can’t directly exchange it though. you’ll have to hope for a refund and the buy the proper one yourself.

so i should request refund to buy another thing?

yes. while you do that, don’t play any games with it or spend any of the GE, and (I think) don’t even play any other vehicles with the premium time you got from the pack. they should accept your refund in that case. good luck :)

oh shet im played 2 match with f15 ;<

you should still try but i think that might be an issue…

well the f4s is better

i grind the gripen dude, F4S is notthing for me.

Ahhh i see this is unfortunate then i remember using the f4junk to grind the tree

I hope they will accept the refund, about the premium day issue I can buy more and do it over 20 days, so they can take it back

How tf can you ACCIDENTALLY buy wrong plane?

“F-4” part of the vehicule name is the same ^^"

Because the game is stuffed full of clones.

happens its worse for GE vehicles due to how they are positioned and if you got a twitchy hand , i bought the wrong tank during a GE sale last year, thankfully i support gave me GE right back after i asked nicely

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You’ve got eyes to find difference between clones. Nation flags aren’t hidden as I remember.

It was the middle of the night, my brain just saw that it was an F4(something) in the store, and I paid right away…