I am worried about the Namer, Gaijin

I’ll keep this brief, but I’ve been watching the Namer across the entire DEV server. It’s pretty much the only vehicle I personally care for this upcoming patch and its current condition genuinely worries me. I know things on the Dev Server aren’t finished, but as I watch other vehicles slowly see progress and get closer to a finished product, the Namer seems stagnant.

As far as I’m aware, it currently sits at 63 tons with no internal composites and only around 50mm of effective RHA armor and can be overpressured by any Chemical Munition grazing the Remote Weapon System. This isn’t just sad but sets a frightening precedence that vehicles such as the Namer, known to be one of the most armored military vehicles in the world, if not the most armored one, are nothing but paper.

It isn’t a secret that the standard Merkava can shrug off Kornet missiles in real life, but as presented in-game, even the 4M with Trophy can’t stop the missile 90 percent of the time. If this is the case, I don’t feel confident in the current implementation of one of my favorite vehicles, the Namer. Which had the removed turret’s weight redistributed into the hull.

On another note, the Merkava series’ SLERA armor, present on the Namer as well, is still not present within the game and is labeled only as NERA. This has been an acknowledged issue for 8+ months and was bug reported 2 years ago. I’m losing faith that there will ever be a meaningful change to these vehicles.

I’d really like some reassurance Gaijin.


If they can’t get Chally right, they won’t bother to get a Merkava or something derived from the Merkava correct. Unfortunate, but the fate of minor nations.

I’d love to be proven wrong, but Chally, Leclerc, Ariete, Merkava, and Type 90 all show they really don’t care.


The community has the power for change. If necessary, then we shall create the pressure required for change once again.

I’m tired of seeing all of these issues. It’s like they’re not even trying.


You are correct, The Namer has been declared “The most armored vehicle in the world” since 2015 until today and it is the heaviest APC in the world Since 2008 until today, Seeing its current developing states in the updates of the dev server is worrying, To find yourself playing a 63 ton tin can is not exactly the experience I imagined to get from the most armored vehicle in the world.

I at least hope the armor surpasses the current Merkava’s mk4 in game, Although it needs to be all lot better, The Entire Merkava series in game should be up armored alongside the Namer surpassing them, And considering they removed the 20 ton turret of the Merkava and changed the Engine and the transmission to lighter variants, Gaijin should know best the reason it weights almost as much as a Merkava is the significant upgrade in armor it received, Not only in the front, but from the sides, roof and bottom to counter urban attacks, top attacks and mines.

I hope to see the state of all of those vehicles improving soon, And besides, It feels as if gaijin is ditching the tech tree though to its player base being quite low, Without understanding that the reason the player base is low is the vehicles are really nerfed considering anything else in their respective BR’s, If gaijin would’ve fixed those vehicles, They would also see a rise in the player base 100%.


Gaijin will only claim that the weight of 61 tons is full of air and paper pieces made of armour and then Not a bug
Look at Britain’s 4 years of efforts to get back a perfunctory announcement. A small country like Israel may not have a response for 8 years, 10 years or even longer.


That is not constructive whatsoever… and that is not how “change” works…

I would highly recommend avoiding such discussions…

How “Change” works around here, is Feedback and making either Bug or Suggestion Reports…

And just use one Topic… no need to multiple topics… Namer 30 - General Discussion