I am really done with this stupid match making

I am really sorry but i hope that my post does not offend anyone, i started to play a year ago but man i really donot get why on earth do i have to run into BMBs with rocket launchers, Cold war tanks and and Jet fighters at 6.7 meanwhile i only have wwii planes and tanks, like i am sorry but how i am supposed to play if everything is just better than my vehicles in everything?, am i doing something wrong?!


I totally agree with you. I am playing Tiger 2 H+P variants and I can’t get why I get matchmaked with american T26 and USSR IS-4 stuff like that which it’s nearly impossible to penetrade with the Tiger 2. And on the other hand you have light tanks like the fox which move so fast you can’t keep up with but they punch through your armor as well. Most times I end up as the punching bag for the enemy team.
I would like to see a lower BR range when it comes to matchmaking. Or maybe don’t put WW2 tanks together with post WW2 tanks.


BMP’s are the least of your problems. If a BMP had enough time and positioning to guide its ATGM to you and kill you, literally any 6.7 tank could have killed you if it was in the same position. It is made of paper, is the size of a barn, has no gun depression, and the missile drops like 4 feet before it starts flying, making it incredibly unstable. Have you played the BMP yourself? It’s not a bad vehicle by any means but a T92, AML90, Fox, M41, or any other light tank would do the same job just as well.