I *AM NOT* chat spamming!

Isn’t it cute how most of tech companies are utterly incapable of countering 0,1% of utter morons without inconveniencing the 99,9% of normal folks?

How about this, if 3+ people in the match right click you and choose “be quiet!” in expanding menu you’re silenced for 30 mins? Also, you’re unable to silence more than 1 player in 30 mins.
There you go. Voila, problem solved. And you don’t even have to pay me /Would not refuse hefty sum of golden eagles tho ; )

Joking aside, please remove or re-work “chat spamming” feature. It prevents healthy banter between the players. It’s a horrible feature and the game would be better without it. Who ever approved this??


I don’t mind it but it needs to be toned down so it’s not disrupting normal chat or maybe only prevent the same message from being repeated (i.e. actual chat spamming).

I bind some in-game chat messages to other aircraft functions for automatic notifications; I.E when I put my gear down or extend my flaps I have the “getting down” and “leading for landing” - but sometimes I spam the buttons for myself and really don’t want to spam the chat :D

but yeah I hate when I say something and then say something else too quickly and get blocked.

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It would be 100x better if it didn’t delete your message when you send another too quickly.


All great, until a few people start spamming “Attention to the map!” a million times in a row as that command isn’t being blocked. But for that, there’s an option to force them back to the hangar.

Anyway the chat spamming feature is real lame, blocks communication, and any resemblance of team work.

People who wanna disrupt gameplay have far better options than chat at their disposal, and people who wanna be cunts to others can just use DM and say whatever they want anyway.

It’s also wildly inconsistent as squad chat in menu has chat spamming feature while in game it has not, similarly DMs do not have chat spamming feature while team/all chat does in game but not in group chat… m

Honnestly i’ve set the volume of the chat commands to 0 a long time ago.
It’s annoying and completely useless. Except for the people tagging an ennemy, all the “landing”, “attack X point”, and all the other just distract you from hearing the ennemies sounds.

“Quickly, I must warn my friend …aaaaah”
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shot 2023.10.20 14.11.03
But for real now, this sucks



By shooting them down, I presume?

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CS;G… CS2 has this really neat feature where you can lower the volume of a player. Would be neat to have that if you don’t want to mute someone but still get notified.

I don’t actually mind when someone is spamming because I don’t pay attention to it anyway while im in combat.
I hate the 10 s cooldown tho.

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The chat spamming feature needs to go ASAP (or be reworked), it disrupts gameplay so much, and it’s infuriating when you are trying to communicate with your team.

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