I am facing too much PING 300+ & PL 7% 15% 27% Random lag

Not feeling to play this game anymore… I play this game on my laptop, even in minimum lowest graphics setting! fps drops to 20 from 100 i can tolerate that. But… when it comes to PING and PL lag its frustrating and higly damaging in performance almost useless and unplayable. I am from Asia, in the starting battle the server auto selects sometime to SA or CIS. The battle begins with Ping 230 and PL 0% but after 20 to 30 seconds the whole battle i play remains in 300+ ping! and PL goes randomly 7% 15% 27%

You can manually select a server that has lower Ping,Packet loss(You may need to test all of the servers)
SA and CIS servers typically have higher ping and packet loss. I usually get 240 ms ping in SA server and around 200 in CIS. But for some reason I get 120ms or lower ping in NA server even though I live in Asia.

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