I am confuse if this is a bug or not ? but got me killed lmao

The bug happens at around 1:28 , i repaired my track and my tank was drifting?
Sorry if this is not the right place to post this .

Looks like packet loss to me, do you have a good connection to the internet? Also try to download the server replay to see if it differs from what you saw there.

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ok i will check that out , my connection is allright i only have 500mb fiber and never had an issue i think is the T-44-100 sideskirts that bug the track , but i will check server replay to see if is that the case

Ok so i went check server replay and seems like the track was not repaired?
This unfortunate bug lmao got me killed but oh well happens , i thought was something with the side panels on T-44-100 but after checking closely clearly shows the track was not repaired lol

No the replay system is quite weird when it comes to displayed damage, where it won’t visually update fixes on damaged vehicles. You can tell that this is the case since the mobility of the tank is not affected by the track.

More importantly though, you can see that the sliding motion does not happen server wise. This means that everything was working fine in the eyes of the server. Because of that, I think its fair to say that it was a rare case of packet loss. Unlucky :D

Yeis kinda strange as i never experience anything like this and i am the only one using this connection , i guess if something similiar happens i might change my router or take a look into it.

Port forwarding could help this, but mainly, if you use any sort of wifi between you and your router, it’ll be that.

Wifi, whilst ‘good’ isn’t actually 100%.