I advanced to 6.0br and now i cant get a single kill

As soon as i unlocked the M18 in US tech tree and got my br to 6.0 I stopped being able to kill a single thing. WHY?

You have 321 battles total, while most players around a BR of 6.0 have way over 1000 battles and many times your experience in tanks alone.

To word it with a classic song: “You just haven’t earned it yet baby…”

Have you experted that tank? You know what “expert” means?


As @Dodo_Dud pretty much said, you probably don’t have enough experience playing the game yet, so I’d say stick to a lower BR where you can get a kill or two and get more experienced playing the game

It’s a different game at 6BR.You have what many describe as an ugly clash of eras where WW2 runs into more modern vehicles from the cold war era as late as the 80s.

I used to like what was the old 5-7 to 6BR but Gaijin flooded it with cold war artillery and killed it for me.Then you have the 70s fast Italian stuff that is just silly. They made WW2 tanks feel redundant and I just don’t enjoy 6BR any more as I’m mostly in 7BR where I really have no interest in being.

You will get used to 6BR. Just beware that the action may start earlier, you may have so many fast vehicles firing modern ammo and one shotting your heavy tanks and players there are generally more experienced.

Take it slow, look around more (I mean really look) and watch long distance.
You will have your good games they just might be fewer and farther between.

7-8 is different again.

i used to get about 1800 score per game that much od a change is bullshit

Have a few games, get your eye in, relax and settle into it. Take the hammering and learn from it don’t ODL as frustrating as it can be. You will crack it.
I went back to 6BR recently from living at 4BR for months, gee was I terrible, I used to live at 6BR as well.