Hypothetical Iranian Air TT

Oh for sure, we need a Israel TT counterpart like what the USSR is to USA. I also find Iranian vehicles pretty interesting and unique.

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Another update: New iteration of the TT is upload which includes the following changes

One new vehicle

  • RF-4E (Tier VII Premium)

One new weapon

  • Qader Medium ranged ASM

Other changes

  • Mirage F-1EQ: moved from the first line to the second line
  • Su-35 & Qaher 313: moved to Tier IX
  • Saeqeh 2: moved to Tier VIII
  • F-4D (2013): unpaired from the F-4E (1968) and paired with the F-4E (2013)
  • MiG-29: now specified to be the (9.12B) variant instead of the A (9.12) variant
  • Some aircraft used different images in the new TT iteration from the old one

I am going to plan on showing off the weapons loadout by using the WT custom loadout options to see what weapons Iranian aircraft could use so you have an idea on what it would look like



Almost forgot

here are the rough drafts of the weapons loadout for the following aircraft


Azarakhsh loadout


Simorgh loadouts


Saeqeh loadout


Note: Due to all the new weapons and guided systems that the Koswar utulizes the Koswar only has 1 20mm and there is a chance that the sole 20mm may be removed for additional weapons systems ontop of that however i cannot confirm this

Koswar loadout

F-4D (2013)

F-4D 2013 loadout

F-4E (2013)

If i made any mistakes in terms of the weapon loadouts please let me know

Finally I was thinking of a subtrees to add to the Iranian Air TT mainly due to how small it is, however there is not a lot of options, let alone good options to choose from since Iran typically sides with smaller paramilitaries or states that prefer using drones over conventional aircraft leaving only realistically leaves us with 2 options, Ethopia and Libya. Ethopia mostly for their ties to the Imperial Iranian regime and the fact that the current regime does buy weapons and weapon systems from Iran and Libya mainly due to diplomatic and shared geopolitical reasons. Though I’ll let the Iranian playerbase to decide on that


Was it bought before the revolution?

Post revloution

Iran brought the Tucanos immediately after the Iran Iraq war from 1989 to 1991

Iranian Airforce F-5F with a rocketpod loadout

I will also begin to add in a tab for skins that Iranian aircraft can get

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If you’re trying to create / demonstrate unique loadouts, you could include some of the weapons they tested integration with on the F-4/F-5.


Magic/PL-7 (unsure)


Magic/PL-7 (unsure)



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The R-60 may be the R-60MK since Iran has them in stock and used them on their other aircraft such as the Su-25K and Su-22’s for example

what about the ability to use the I-Hawk missile like during the iran-iraq war?

Speaking of Hawk, there is another unique indigenous munition that could be added, for F-14s.

"Yasser" for F-14


Essentially an M117 mated to a hawk to create a rocket that makes the S-25 look anemic in comparison.

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Looks like they strapped a bomb (most likely a 250lb) onto a Hawk

Very good find. If there is other vehicles that utulize it please let me know

HECK nah, we don’t need more copy paste. China and Israel were bad enough

Is there any images of the F-4E carrying the Fakour-90?

This is indeed PL-7. Training PL-7s were colored in orange

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Hence why the F-4E (2013) is not going to get PL-7’s especially considering that there are other, better and more versatile missiles out there anyways such as the PL-5’s family and PL-8’s

The PL-7 can appear on Iranian aircraft though such as the F-7’s for example

A few aircraft can use the Farkour 90, the MiG-29 is one of them, the Su-24 is another

I still yet to run into images of F-4’s with the Farkour 90 however some sources does state that F-4’s can mount them after the modifications were done in 2013. There is a image that exists of an Iranian MiG-29 testing said weapon.

I probably need to go back and make a new version of it since i found yet another weapon for the F-4 as well as Iranian F-4’s using external laser pods

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Qatar and Irak? As I mentioned before

Minor update

  • Mirage F1EQ: Now is specified as the “Mirage F1EQ-6”

Two new vehicles

  • Mirage F1BQ (Researchable): In a folder with the Mirage F1EQ-6
  • Mirage F1EQ-5 (Squadron)