Huntereye APS and the future of War Thunder's tank countermeasures

Recently, IAI Elbit released a promotional video for the Huntereye APS. It is an anti infantry and drone APS which integrates into a RCWS to automatically counter threats. Now the question is, how would a system like this which would automatically engage targets such as scout drones fit into the current state of the game?

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So it automatically detects a drone and then shoots at it using the MG? Well, could introduce a slew to cue capability where you (as the player) could be alerted to a drone and then choose to let the MG engage autonomously. Though I don’t think it has a place in-game against enemy vehicles that are not a drone.

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We did have this system in the 2077 event where the AA tank had an APS that would automatically shoot at drones flying over in a close proximity

I doubt you’d want it automatically shooting though. But good to know.

Would be nice to have it as a toggle tbh

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