Hungarian Tanks: Big Ambitions

Due to historic reasons, Hungarian vehicles of the WW2 era were never in the spotlight, always in the shadow of tanks produced by other nations, like the iconic German Panzer. To make the situation even more complicated, Hungary never shied away from using foreign designs. At the same time, though, the Hungarian defense industry was nothing short of impressive, even compared to other Axis states, which allowed the country to produce at least several interesting military vehicles.

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“purchased a few Tigers”
We hope to see that soon in-game with its add-on frontal track armor Gaijin. As well as the Panther too, as Hungary was also the sole axis, non-german user of it…as these two would make a lineup where the tech tree lacks content.
Also i hope you all didnt forget about the HUN T-55A with the SZRP-L and SZRP-N reactive armor and the T-72 CURRUS upgrade


When will the KF41’s junk armor be fixed?
As the infantry fighting vehicle with the highest BR level in the game, it is the most rubbish of all modern infantry fighting vehicles.

There are already few Hungarian tanks from WW2 so that even three of them are premium, event and cannot be bought on the market, literally impossible to get if you did not do it in their events. Now that is planning the add tech trees.


And when will be the hungarian crew voices fixed, instead if the current ones that were made with google translate?

look at the Puma, still not fixed since release and jokes on you but nobody is gathering the problems of the KF41 for it to actualy get fixed (since it is missing in the german tree)

seems like Gajin did some research because they werent sure about the tiger either, and that research says hungary only purchased Tiger and Panzer tanks, so no Panther for hungary

The Romanians used panthers, albeit after the war.

i also think france used them after the war for a bit as a stop-gap solution, hence Panther ‘Dauphine’

Dauphiné was specifically selected because it was a WW2 captured and used Panther