Hungarian Aviation Subtree — What it should look like!

Good job!

Also please expand this list with the following one planes:

Do you know of any Hungarian aircraft that I left out and should add?:

-BF-109 D-1(fighter)
-BF-109 E-3(fighter)
-BF-109 E-4(fighter)
-Ju-88 A-4(bomber)

(Royal Hungarian Air Force - received 33/34 Ju 87 D-3/D-5s and 11/12 B-1 and B-2s.)
-Ju-87 B-1(Dive-Bomber)
-Ju-87 B-2(Dive-Bomber)
-Ju-87 D-3(Dive-Bomber)
-Ju-87 D-5(Dive-Bomber)
-Horváth Sándor FW-190 F8 -sa (prémium) → special attribute: only stealt Ammo belt available. Role: (Dive-Bomber).
-BF-109 G-2(fighter)
-Me 210 Ca-1/R6

-MWG *1 BF-109 G-4 ‘Gusztáv *2’(fighter)
-MWG *1 BF-109 G-6’Gusztáv *2’(fighter)
-MWG *1 BF-109 G-14’Gusztáv *2’(fighter)

Hungarian peoples army:


*1: (Magyar Wagon és Gépgyár, the Hungarian Wagon and Machine Factory
*2: Gusztáv(HU)- Gustav(Eng) Nickname of Bf-109 G variants

Other people have already pointed out that many of the so called ”copy/paste" aircraft were at least partially produced in Italy, and all of them were used by Italy and flew under the Italian flag.
And it is true that I do oppose most composite trees on esthetic grounds and I believe that historically accurate national tech trees have a certain “personality” and flavor that is lost when mixing multiple countries together.
However, I most probably would not be voicing such a criticism if it was made on purely esthetic grounds. ( de gustibus non disputandum est)

As you probably noticed, most people who agreed with me were also fans of WW2 era aircraft. I also play War Thunder primarily for ww2 era prop planes. And for people like me this update is not a god sign.
I support independent tech trees for new countries because said countries have large numbers of ww2 (or earlier) indigenous designs, and when said countries are discussed there is always the same opposition with the same argument repeated over and over “There should not be an independent Romanian/Czechoslovak/Polish/Hungarian/etc air tree because it would contain to many copy/pasted soviet planes. Instead we should have composite tech trees”. When people judge the viability of a new country they increasingly focus on the strength of its modern lineup. So what bothers me about the new update is that it sends a very clear message about which way the wind is blowing: new original ww2-era planes bring no value to the game, but padding an existing tech tree with copy/pasted planes (the same ones some people were so deathly afraid of when discussing new countries) is suddenly justified and does add value to the game if it makes said trees more playable at higher tiers. This is why we have a Hungarian sub tree with no Hungarian-made planes, and an “Axis” air tree with no new axis planes. Because the only thing that matters now is improving the experience for players who like the jet era.


Probably the saddest thing about the awful implementation of this subtree by Gaijin is that anyone who wanted to get the Hungarian jets already got to them by now. This means that, even when Gaijin adds the WM-23, the Heja or the Me 210 three updates later, they will be completely ignored by anyone other than fanatical Hungarian prop enjoyers (like me). And we all know what happens to planes with a tiny playerbase that are unlucky enough to only be played by hardcore fans.

Here’s a fun fact I just realized: if you exclude the Hungarian Gripen, Italy could have gotten the exact same 7 Soviet jets through a Polish or a Bulgarian subtree, as their Air Forces operated the identical variants.


That’s true, I hadn’t actually thought about it like that… I would just be happy to play Hungarian props like the WM-23 whenever they come, but thanks to them adding the high tier jets first, nobody will have to grind through these lower tier Hungarian props, so even when they are added, they won’t even get the attention they deserve because people will have just bypassed them. So even less people will play them, learn to play and like them, and find out about Hungarian props and the obscure historical nature that these less well known aircraft have. That really sucks.


As the Hungarian aircraft sub tree got implemented as part of update 2.35 Alpha Strike,

Moved to Implemented Suggestions. o7